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    15 Recommended Hacks To Make Your Hair Bigger And Better

    People share advice for getting a majorly magnificent mane.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us all of their best big hair tricks. Here are their recommended hacks:

    1. Dry with cotton, not terrycloth.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / Via

    "To tie my wet hair up after a shower, I use men's cotton tees. I stick my head the wrong way through the 'head hole,' twist up my hair with the rest of the shirt, then tuck excess fabric into the back of the hole. All my hair fits inside, and cotton eliminates the frizz caused by drying with terrycloth." —rachels373

    2. Diversify your product game.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

    "I use two hairsprays: a more flexible one to build volume and brush out while shaping, and an extra hold one. I spray it until it doesn’t move — when it comes to hair, bigger is always better." —byndilaupsteen

    3. Shampoo after conditioning.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

    "I have a greasy scalp but dry fragile ends, so I use a reverse wash method: conditioner first, then shampoo. Then I use sea salt spray on my wet roots to help control grease and add texture, and air dry when possible." —laurenw4744a5ca8

    4. Lift your roots... literally.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed /

    "If I let my hair dry by itself, it ends up completely flat on top and huge on the bottom — but I started using styling clips to prop up my roots while my hair dries, and they give my hair so much more volume and lift! Once my hair is dry, I apply some dry shampoo or styling powder to the roots to add extra hold so my hair won’t collapse, and BOOM: big hair, don’t care." —hollyskittlesb

    5. Twist as you dry for low-maintenance mermaid locks.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / Flickr: thepeachpeddler

    "My hair is thick (there's a lot of it), but the individual follicles are fine and break easily — so instead of brushing, I comb with my fingers while conditioning, and then when it's almost dry, put it in a twisty bun. When I let it down later, I have mermaid hair." —Erica Tronstad, Facebook

    6. Get better volume with gravity.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed /

    "I brush my hair upwards while blow drying, then spray hairspray all over my comb, flip my head upside down, and run the comb through my hair. It gives shape and volume without losing softness." —FlyBiKnight

    7. Use leave-in conditioner on wet, not damp, hair.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / Flickr: savaughan

    "Use leave-in conditioner when your hair is still wet, even though the bottle says to do it when your hair is 'damp. When it’s damp, it’s already too late — attack of the frizz!" —samharmon912

    8. Straighten as you dry to cut styling time in half.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed /

    "I save time by drying and straightening in one go! Put the hair dryer on one side of the section of hair and the brush on the other side, then move the brush down with the dryer." —Emilia D.

    9. Keep curls safe with soft accessories.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / Flickr: phalaenopsisaphrodite523

    "For curly or kinky big fluffy hair, 'pineapple' your curls before bed. That’s just putting them up in a loose ponytail (why scrunchies still exist) on top of your head. Then sleep on a satin pillowcase, and you won’t wake up to crushed curls." —chrisa443ec9017

    10. Use dry shampoo for extra lift while teasing.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / /

    "I always use dry shampoo immediately after drying my hair, then tease it all over in sections and add hairspray to each. When the teasing is done, style it either with a comb or fingers, then add even more hairspray — enough to ignite a fire." —codic3

    11. Divide (your hair) and conquer (conditioning).

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

    "After shampooing, I rinse and put my hair into six small pony tails. I condition each section at a time, using the widest tooth comb possible to detangle while my hair is saturated with conditioner. I let it sit while I wash and shave, then rinse most of the conditioner out and style as normal." —Half Blood Princess

    12. Use rose water to resuscitate curls.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / Flickr: sskennel

    "To bring second day curls back to life, I spray them with rose water. They look fresh without getting weighed down or greasy!" —stefr2

    13. Ditch the shower cap.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed /

    "On non-hair washing days, don’t use a shower cap. Straighten your hair, put it in a tight bun, and avoid getting it wet in the shower. My hair ends up wavy and curly, but thanks to the straightening, minus the frizz." —ashleyelizabethb44588f194

    14. Control your curls by braiding.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / Flickr: aerust

    "My curls always do better if they dry in braids. After I shower, I’ll wait until my hair is still just a little damp, then make two tight/loose braids depending on the look I’m going for." —chinas2

    15. Search until you find the right moisturizer.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed / /

    "Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It's one of the most important things you can do. Just find out what works best for your hair: argon oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, tea tree oil, etc." —bjlaurasavage

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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