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17 Wondrous Things That Will Make Life With Boobs Easier

'Cause your body's too boobylicious for 'em, babe.

1. Keep the twins dry with boob-specific antiperspirant.

2. Or fight sweat and discomfort with a bra liner.

These bamboo liners will keep you dry all day, and put a nice buffer between your underwire and your girls. Grab one ($19.95) here.

3. Banish boob gap (no sewing required!).

Apply lazy girl hack test winner sticky-back Velcro to your button-down shirts, and live gap-free forever. Pick up a pack ($5.99) here.

4. Know your underwires.

5. Wash before wearing...

6. ...which you can do with durable bra-washing bags...

7. ...or with a salad spinner!

8. Save your shoulders with bra strap pads...

9. ...and keep your straps from slipping with this lifesaving holder.

10. Cover exposed underwires with this quick fix...

11. ...and cover exposed high beams with nipple pasties.

If you want to play down your natural perk without the padding, these sticky petals will keep you pointedly not-pointy. Get them ($15.99 for three pairs) here.

12. Adjust your straps and band frequently.

13. Skip the pinch with a pack of bra extenders.

14. Use a convertible bra strap to keep your strapless from slipping.

15. Get a racerback real quick with these converters...

16. ...and wear this extender with a low-back dress.

17. Give each of your bras a rest by alternating daily.