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This Amazing New Plus-Size Clothing Line Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Beth Ditto wants you to wear something fuckin' incredible.

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Beth Ditto has been a body-positive fashion icon for some time now, but today marks a new chapter in her stylish career: The Gossip singer has just launched her debut clothing line for sizes 10 to 24.


"For me it's so hugely about shape and accessibility and versatility," Ditto tells BuzzFeed, acknowledging the financial challenges of being an independent designer wanting to do things right.

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"This collection was DIY because we did do it ourselves," she says, "and there was no funding, and it's been frightening and amazing."

“The price point is high [$65–$395]. It’s hard to make things in the U.S., use nice fabrics, and do it plus-size — it’s not cheap. But if you’re gonna spend $150 at a chain store, you might as well spend a little extra and have it be fuckin’ incredible.”

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And besides, says Ditto, now was the perfect time for her to take a risk.

"People have asked, 'Don't you feel like it's the time for this line?' I'm 35 and I haven't toured in two years. Now may not be the time for the world, but it was the time for me. You can't wait for the world to be ready. You have to do it yourself."


And her own line isn't the only place she applies such an ethos — as a fat woman who's walked runways for designers including Marc Jacobs and her pal Gaultier, Ditto says she feels a shift in the fashion world's perception of plus-size bodies.

"Ten years ago, there weren't that many of us doing mainstream photoshoots," she tells BuzzFeed, "but now there's an explosion of it. Some people have never heard of the fat positivity movement, but I think things like Instagram are changing that."

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"It's about representation. It's having pictures right on your phone of fat models and icons, which we didn't have to nearly this degree five years ago," says Ditto. "We are beginning to live in a different era. We're getting there."