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23 Beautiful Curvy Brides Who Are Slaying This Whole Wedding Thing

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something daaamn, girl.

1. This bride, all wrapped up in lace...

Charleton Churchill Photography / Via

2. ...and this one, who went short and sweet.

3. This bride, who took a tip from her sparkly pink surroundings...

4. ...and this one, whose head is in the stars.


5. This bride, who got all the buds...

Accedo Nox Photography / Via

6. ...this one, whose flowers match the joy of the day...

Love Tree Photography / Via

7. ...and this one, whose petals are paving the way.

Andrea Corsi / Via

8. This bride, who knows the value of a statement piece...


9. ...this one, who made her shoes a main attraction...

Rachel Lombardi Photography / Via

10. ...and this one, whose plans don't include blending in.

11. This bride, who looks like a punk princess...

Eric Bergeron / Via

12. ...this one, whose hair is all swept up and sultry...

Latoya Gale Studios / Via

13. ...and this one, whose down-do is slaying the tendril game.

14. This bride, who could totally do without the limo...

Markus Staley Photography / Via

15. ...this one, who went all pink in Paris...

16. ...and this one, who'd be right at home on the range.


17. This bride, who knows a little laughter never hurt...

Naomi Lynn Photography / Via

18. ...and this one, who just can't hold back her emotion.

19. This bride, who's taking a minute to let it all soak in...

Chi-Chi Agbim / Via

20. ...and this one, who knows the time to frolic is now!

By Cherry Photography / Via

21. This bride, who knew to keep her spouse close...

22. ...and this one, who kept her friends even closer.

23. Oh, and this one — who chose to have it all.

Kelly Augustine / Via
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