9 Totally Awesome Things You Didn't Realize You Could Do With Your Cool New Phone

    Ring, ring! It's grapes.

    1. Browse up and coming music with a built-in streaming feature that intuits your unique taste.

    2. Explore apps to help improve your spending and saving habits, your REM sleep, and your all-around productivity.

    3. Play games with better sound and higher resolution than ever before.

    4. FaceTime with your entire squad at once!

    5. Easily organize and delete multiple pictures at one time, right from your camera roll.

    6. Add fun filters and stamps to all your family photos. Who doesn't love seeing themselves with a handlebar mustache?

    7. Find the love of your life (or just for tonight) on cool new dating apps.

    8. Consider answering when your garbage (but packing) ex makes your hotline bling.

    9. Just don't do this unsolicited, and you'll be fine.

    Have fun exploring all the new possibilities!