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17 Gorgeous Subscription Boxes Stylish People Will Love

BuzzFeed readers share their favorite fashion, crafts, and other subscriptions for the aesthetically inclined.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community about their favorite subscription boxes. Here are their favorites in the realm of art, fashion, and style.

They're all priced per box or in the smallest amount possible, not including multi-box subscription discounts.

2. StitchFix, $20

marvelousinthemidwest / Via

"For $20 a month you get five pieces of clothing or accessories, and the $20 goes toward whatever piece you keep. My stylist really listens to me and even finds specific pieces I'm looking for! Customer service is amazing and they make it super simple to return items." Submitted by jaimep7.


4. Kairos, $30

shopkairos / Via

"Everything is handmade by artists, and each box is a secret surprise with different themes. The boxes that I've received so far include artwork, recipe cards, candles, jewelry, lotions, clothing, and more. It feels like I'm getting a special gift each month!" Submitted by Kristen Grismer, Facebook.


7. GlobeIn, $35

subscriptionboxramblings / Via

"I got my twin one for our birthday and she loves it. They take products from all over the world that support local artisans, then put them in a nice little box for a reasonable price." Submitted by icdetour.

9. Dia & Co. Box, $20

thesubscriptionboxfamily / Via

"It's for women size 10 and up, and they have unique brands that I haven't found before. The styling fee is $20, which you get off one item in the box if you decide to keep it; and if you buy all items in the box, it's 20% off the entire purchase. Plus, there's a rating system for what you send back to better style your next box." Submitted by Sarah Sanders, Facebook.


11. Splendies, $13.99

yagitz123 / Via

"It's three pairs of panties per month — usually one pair will be floral/fuller coverage, one pair very fancy (lace or sheer), and the final pair will be fun and cheeky! I hate shopping for underwear, and this is my solution." Submitted by bethg31.

13. CauseBox, $54.95

mycausebox / Via

"They send you really great handmade items from all over the world, usually with a picture and information about the women who made each — plus a percentage of the box's cost goes toward a cause of your choosing. I get beautiful jewelry, clothes, delicious food, and more, plus I get to learn about the world and feel like I'm making a difference." Submitted by parastok.


15. Goddess Provisions, $33

shoutitoutstudio / Via

"It's geared toward the spiritual and contains candles, perfumes and oils, gemstones, jewelry, and a food item of some sort, like a special tea, and it's worth at least double what you pay." Submitted by tizmo.

16. Sock Club, $12

bigtyme221 / Via

"I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with socks, and now I get a new pair of hand-knit American cotton socks every month! And they come with little notes about the inspiration and name for the design, which makes each pair special because there's a little story behind it." Submitted by lindseyk4141cc355.

17. Le Tote, $59/month for unlimited boxes

letote / Via

"You get three clothing items and two accessories (jewelry, handbags, scarves) in each box, and you can keep what you want to buy at a discount or return them for a new box. Great brands, plus free shipping both ways." Submitted by nataliab4b219c679.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.