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    These Cute Handbags Are Designed To Hide The Smell Of Your Weed

    AnnaBís is coming for the classic stoner aesthetic.

    When you think of a standard stoner bag, this is probably what comes to mind.

    But not to worry, Kush-loving fashionistas, because there's a new game in town that's coming for all that macrame.

    AnnaBís (pronounced Anna-Bee) is a new brand of luxury handbags...that just happen to be designed specifically for carrying your sticky icky.

    The bags are made with "Odor-Loc" technology (an airtight zipper plus a layered lining of scent-blocking resin) and way more small compartments than you'll find in a regular purse, so you have designated spots for all your accessories.

    Which is helpful, since if you're anything like me, you will forget where you put your lighter as soon as it leaves your hand. Or sometimes when it's still in your hand.

    AnnaBís currently offers three styles: the Melissa Multicase ($175), the Whoopee Vape Case ($120), and the Chelsea Cross-Body Bag ($295).

    The bags debuted on Nov. 12, and AnnaBís co-founders Jeanine Moss and Ann Schuch told BuzzFeed Life that there's already a waiting list for a third of the styles.

    annabis_style / Via

    "Our goal is to understand everything about [a customer's] wants and needs related to cannabis, and to fulfill them through great design, [as well as] quality materials and construction," said Moss.

    She says that the company is continuing to develop products based on customer feedback.

    And will AnnaBís consider branching out into other underserved areas of stylish stoner gear?

    Because let's be honest: Most of it is pretty bleak.

    "We see all kinds of opportunities in home and lifestyle categories," Moss told BuzzFeed Life, "and we will definitely be introducing other types of items over time."

    Which is pretty dope to hear.

    Finally, it truly seems like where there's smoke, there's...

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed

    H/T: Huffington Post