This Lingerie Company's New Model Is Unapologetically Curvy

The retailer's new video features "curve" model Barbie Ferriera.

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Ferreira, a self-described "curve" model, represents body type scarcely shown in the fashion industry: her measurements aren't that of a traditional straight- or plus-size model.

"Not being retouched... is very important to me," Ferreira says in the video. "People knowing that that's what I look like, without anybody's perception of what my body needs to look like [is important]."

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"We cast Barbie because she’s got nothing to hide," Aerie's Jen Foyle told Refinery29 of the collaboration. "She’s strong and beautiful, [and] she embraces her real self."

"If [women] were exposed to more campaigns like this one... self-esteem issues would [be minimized]," says one YouTube commenter. "Women are so much more badass and productive when we're not freaking out about a belly pooch or getting a thigh gap."

You can see the whole video here, and keep an eye out for Aerie's full campaign with Barbie Ferriera, dropping soon.

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