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This Lingerie Company's New Model Is Unapologetically Curvy

The retailer's new video features "curve" model Barbie Ferriera.

Aerie, American Eagle's lingerie line, has just released a new campaign teaser video featuring model Barbie Ferreira.

Ferreira, a self-described "curve" model, represents body type scarcely shown in the fashion industry: her measurements aren't that of a traditional straight- or plus-size model.

Aerie announced in January 2014 that it would no longer be retouching its models, and it seems to have delivered on that promise. However, the company has been critiqued for continuing to show exclusively model-thin bodies.

Which makes the "Real Talk with Barbie" video such a game-changer.

"Not being retouched... is very important to me," Ferreira says in the video. "People knowing that that's what I look like, without anybody's perception of what my body needs to look like [is important]."

And it seems like a lot of folks feel the same.

"If [women] were exposed to more campaigns like this one... self-esteem issues would [be minimized]," says one YouTube commenter. "Women are so much more badass and productive when we're not freaking out about a belly pooch or getting a thigh gap."

Amen to that!

You can see the whole video here, and keep an eye out for Aerie's full campaign with Barbie Ferriera, dropping soon.

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