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19 Of The Most Totally Amazing Body-Shaming Clap Backs Of 2015

Because someone's always got something to say, but it's usually pretty dumb.

1. When a determined runner flipped the script on her hecklers.

2. When a Victoria's Secret model made it clear she was not here to perpetuate the media's twisted narrative.

3. When "Dancing Man" grooved his way into our hearts.

4. When a Pretty Little Liar bravely spoke out about her health.

5. When a woman gave her friend — and the rest of us — the best damn parenting advice in the history of the world.

Facebook: kara.waite.7

Kara Waite's response to learning her friend's 8-year-old daughter was being teased for her weight taught us perhaps the most important squad goal of all: the goal that we should all have someone so inspiring and positive in our (and our daughters') lives.

"Tell her she is beautiful, but say it half as much as you say that she is kind and generous and hysterically funny and at the top of your list of favorite people," Waite wrote on Facebook. "Tell her that the people who criticize her body have problems with their own bodies, or, worse, with their hearts and minds."

6. When Serena Williams didn't have time to be petty.

7. When women whose photos were stolen and altered to make them look thinner responded with pure class.

8. When Sam Smith's success said it all.

9. When Selena Gomez got by with a little help from her friends.

10. When an X Factor judge stayed woke.

11. When a reality star took a stand against BS.

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Whitney Way Thore of TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous Life deals with a constant stream of people's garbage on the internet and in real life alike. To help combat such negativity, she started No Body Shame (No BS) — an anti-bullying campaign particularly powerful due to its inclusion of so many different kinds of bodies.

12. When Ariana Grande stuck up for herself and for others.

13. When Ariel Winter got shamed by her own trolls (and responded flawlessly).

14. When a woman who'd lost 190 pounds showed haters exactly what she was made of.

15. When Gabourey Sidibe made a powerful statement about sexual assault WHILE reminding us of her queendom.

16. When a YouTube bully got a taste of her own medicine.

17. When hundreds of women ate #CakeWithCashmerette.

18. When an illustrator turned her negative comments into positive works of art.

19. When thousands of women chose to #RockTheCrop.