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    12 Genius Hacks For When Your Office Is A Frozen Hellscape

    It's warm outside, but your office thermostat doesn't care about that.

    It's a total sweat tsunami outside... so why does it feel like the Arctic tundra in your place of work?

    1. Up your slipper game.

    If you're not ready to full on bust out your NFL-licensed Comfy Feet, there are a few subtler ways wear warmly lined footwear in the office.

    Try L.B. Evans Hideaways Anton shoe ($38) or Isotoner's Signature Women's Satin Ballerina Slippers ($22.99).

    2. Get serious about sweaters.

    Keeping two cardigans at work makes it easy to wear one like a normal human being, and one discreetly as a blanket over your legs... in a way that's perhaps a little more dignified and professional than an actual blanket.

    3. Get Nuddly.

    4. Tell 'em how you really feel.

    5. Adopt a hot water bottle.

    6. Grab yourself a window seat.

    7. If your office has fans, run them clockwise.

    8. Make a pot of coffee

    9. Get up offa that thing.

    10. Come together.

    11. Be sneaky as hell.

    Designed for places where "the thermostat is locked and you can't change the setting," this hack is ideal for an office full of oblivious people and completely devoid of security cameras. Use something cold to trick locked thermostats, which only sense the air temperature directly around them — just make sure whatever icy thing you're using is contained so it doesn't melt and short out the whole damned system. Or then again...

    12. (Wo)man up and petition for a more casual dress code.

    And anyway, who wants to wear a long sleeved shirt in July?