This Is What Happens When 10 Women Style The Same Skirt

    "My clothes are my form of communication. My clothes are me."

    Summer is the perfect time to try out fun fashion, whether it's a bold new color or a shape that just begs for a good twirl. So we asked 10 style bloggers to dress up the same bright skater skirt however they pleased, and here's what they did.

    1. Maria

    Blog: City Laundry

    "I just left school and am starting a 9-to-5 job, so I'm going through a transitional phase right now where my style is all over the place. But I know I love mixing menswear into more feminine outfits, so I stole back this bowtie, which I made for my boyfriend, to make my look more personal. I've made him a bunch, so technically they're mine — like, 'I made this for you, but I'm really gonna use it also.'"

    2. Sarah

    Blog: Saramai

    Instagram: @saramaijewels

    "When I was young and living in London, I wore a lot of hippie clothes. Then punk came along, and I didn't understand why you had to be one or the other, so I just kind of mashed it up. And that's what I did today, too.

    "This skirt is so sculptural — almost like a peplum on a vintage jacket — so I wanted to layer it. Since I don't normally wear skirts above the knee, I decided to wear it over Adidas track pants, and then I added a Discount Universe biker jacket to toughen the skirt up a bit. I'm always learning and looking for new places to give a chance, because my clothes are my form of communication. My clothes are me."

    3. Denise

    Blog: Denise Mercedes

    Instagram: @denisemmercedes

    "I have a glam side, and a tomboy side. I love my Converses and old jeans I find at thrift stores, but I also love my hoop earrings and stilettos. For this look, I decided to go a little French, since striped wide neck tops are so classic. My first inclination was to wear black or white heels, but I thought I'd have a little more fun and go with the floral instead."

    4. Cax

    Blog: Mama Cax

    Instagram: @caxmee

    "My personal style changes with my mood and where I'm going. I tend to keep things minimal at work, but when I'm off the clock, I like to play around with my outfits and wear bright colors and prints.

    "This skirt is such a bold piece with its high waist and wide flare, so I knew I wanted to keep the top simple and sexy — this one has an open back. And I thought my wig would be a nice way to echo the shape of the skirt, too!"

    5. Rachel

    Blog: Rach Martino

    Instagram: @rachmartino

    "My style is a mix of super feminine, classic looks with a hint of pinup girl, but with a lot of modern touches like leather and prints. I grew up in the South, so I love bright colors, and when I first moved here I felt like I was the opposite of every other New York blogger, with all the minimalism and black that tends to go on.

    "This skirt is something I would totally buy myself! I decided to counterbalance the volume and the color of it with a black bodysuit, and have fun with my accessories like gingham heels and a cute little taxi clutch. I'm merging who I was when I came to New York, and the New Yorker I am now."

    6. Sana

    Blog: modHijabi

    Instagram: @sanahrashid

    "If I had to describe my style, I'd say it's casual chic with a touch of streetwear and a hint of punk. I know, it's really long! But I can't really choose just one look.

    "I love sneakers and flats; it's hard for me to walk in heels, and I think it's important to feel comfortable and free. Since I dress modestly, I chose slim-fit silk joggers to wear under the skirt, as well as a black top and headscarf. Keeping with the theme, I wore black lipstick and fake tattoos on my hands for a goth element. And though I normally keep accessories to a minimum — usually just my wedding ring and maybe a watch — I chose the bag as another pop of red to tie it all together."

    7. Margie

    Blog: Margie Plus

    Instagram: @margieplus

    "I would say my style is on the edgier side. I'm inspired by vintage clothing, but also love mixing it up; I'll wear a printed 1960s miniskirt with Nike sneakers, for example. I'm really into that kind of street style.

    "For this project, since the skirt was so bold, I decide to meet it right where it was — not minimize the impact of the outfit at all — so I thought, 'How can I take this over the top?' I love color blocking, and my favorite combination right now is this very Moschino-meets-McDonalds-esque yellow and red together. And then with the booties and cap and very graphic bag, I brought the '60s back."

    8. Mariann


    Instagram: @mariann_yip

    "I would describe my style as 'effortlessly chic.' I tend to go for looks that make me feel confident without trying too hard. I'm petite, so it's hard to find clothes that fit me well (this skirt, for instance, was too big in the smallest size). I like wearing heels for more height, which makes me feel like I can take on the world.

    "Since the skirt is super playful and fun, I chose elements that would make me look sophisticated — not too girly and cute. I chose to pair it with a high-neck top, which I feel like elongates my body and makes me feel put together. And I thought the gold clutch and statement bracelet would be a great way bridge the gap between the poppy red of the skirt and a neutral like black."

    9. Hiliana

    Blog: Hiliana Devila

    Instagram: @hilianadevila

    "My style is really versatile. You know I'm in a bad mood if I'm wearing all black, but I can also go for a pop of color or a print! I don't stick to neutrals or brights all the time; I like to keep myself open to the best of both worlds.

    "I thought this skirt was so sassy and spicy, so leopard pumps were the way to go. Leopard and red together are so classic! I love jewelry, so I added a bracelet and long necklace and some earrings, plus a simple black bodysuit that wouldn't distract from the skirt."

    10. Shay

    Blog: A Thick Girl's Closet

    Instagram: @thickgrlscloset

    "My style is loud and colorful, just like I am. At my height, I have to make the decision: do I kowtow and not be fabulous, or do I say, 'You know what? I'm tall and my ankles might be out, or this skirt is extra short, but I do what makes me feel good.' I'm the one who's paying for it! I just have to love what I have on, and hope for the best.

    "This is not a skirt I'd wear to be comfortable at the park; this is a going out skirt for sure. Twirl in it, twerk in it, turn a few heads, break a few hearts. I chose these tassled stilettos because they're super fun and sexy, and surprisingly not hard to dance in for a couple of hours. And since the skirt is obviously the star of the show here, I kept it simple up top. Nobody's looking at the top! With my sunglasses on and my hair up, I'm ready to go out and show out."

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