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    This $4 Classic Lip Balm Is Perfect For Anyone Who Sucks At Makeup

    It’s cheap, moisturizing, and just the tiniest bit pink.

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    Okay, so you know the whole “no-makeup” makeup look? Like, when you apply a full face of makeup specifically so that it appears to uneducated observers like you just rolled out of bed? Yeah... That’s not little enough work for me.

    So I’m always excited to find no-fuss (and inexpensive!) products that do all the work for me. Behold: Vaseline Rosy Lips.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed

    Rosy Lips is one of Vaseline’s several lip balm varieties, all of which I’ve found to be the *perfect* consistency.

    They're not too thick, too thin, or too sticky. I’m the Goldilocks of lip stuff, apparently.

    Only in addition to keeping me moisturized like its cousin tins, Rosy Lips adds just a smidge of pink color to my pout.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed

    Maybe I was born with it. Maybe I’ve read too many women’s magazines and use the word “pout” in a weird way.

    Oh! Just one thing to note: Though Vaseline has been selling a Rosy Lips product in a tiny (and, admittedly, super-cute) tub in the US for a while now, my experience is that the formula in the tins is waaay superior.

    Looking at the ingredients lists on the tin vs. tub formula unfortunately wasn't illuminating, but the tub formula is definitely both stickier (I like to be able to open my mouth, you know?) and shorter-lasting. The lip tin formula's color and moisture last several hours if you're not eating/drinking/generally putting stuff near your lips. For a lip balm rather than lipstick, it doesn't feel excessive to reapply a few times throughout the day. And I also use it sparingly with other lip color; that way I stay moisturized without compromising the pigment of the intended color.

    The tins launched in the US early last year (best thing to happen in all of 2016, IMO). Previously, I’d been hoarding as many tins as possible on trips to the UK, which I was starting to worry looked weird going through customs. So, great!

    Basically, if you’re thinking of trying Rosy Lips out, I’d definitely encourage you to order a tin. Okay? Okay. Now, roll out of bed and be as cute as you wanna be.

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    Get Vaseline Rosy Lips from Jet for $3.83 or a two-pack from Amazon for $6.40.

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