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    I Swapped My Iron For This Versatile Steamer And Never Looked Back

    It’s portable, easy to use, and kind on even vintage clothing.

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    Oh, hello, didn’t see you there! I’m Nora; you may remember me from that time I showed you my ridiculously full closet.

    Enter: the Shark Press and Refresh Portable Steamer — the only reason I ever look in any way presentable.

    I wear a lot of pieces from previous decades — which don’t always play well with irons — and this has been a fantastic alternative sent down from the dewrinkling gods above.

    Using the steamer requires a bit of a different technique than ironing, but it’s super easy.

    Here's a before and after:

    Small warning: Like an iron, this little guy is hot. You’ll need to take some precautions.

    You’ll get the hang of it quickly, I promise! And don’t worry about your iron; I’m sure you’ll find some use for it.

    Get the Shark Press and Refresh Portable Garment Steamer from Amazon for $78.97 or from Jet for $79.99.