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    These Brilliant Tiered Hangers Actually Make Room In Your Closet

    Organize, but then make it fashion.

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    Hi, I’m Nora. Like a lot of people in New York, my fashion sense is…somewhat eccentric.

    But since I can’t store clothes in my kitchen (I wouldn’t mind, but my roommates might), I decided to try some tiered hangers for tops as well as for pants and skirts that are designed to optimize vertical space.,

    And so I bought these "blouse trees" from Jet ($9.84) and "trouser/skirt" hangers from Amazon ($13.08 for a two-pack) to see what they could do for me and my bursting-at-the-seams closet. Each pants hanger holds four bottoms, and each shirt hanger holds six tops.

    As a vintage seller and clotheshorse myself, I can never have enough storage space.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed

    And I’ve realized that my current setup, pictured above — all my fancy-ish pieces hanging next to each other along a single rail — isn’t helping things. (Not pictured: a 9-foot-long dresser whose drawers I can barely shut.)

    Combining my pieces of clothing onto a single, long hanger drastically reduces the amount of precious horizontal space they take up along my closet rail (by five-sixths and three-quarters, respectively).

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed

    Yes, it's really that simple!

    Here's what my closet looks like these days:

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed

    It’s not like Extreme Makeover: Closet Edition or anything, but now I can easily push the remaining hangers to the side for a better view of outfit options — not to mention give my clothes some breathing room so they aren't as apt to wrinkle by just hanging out, doin' their thing — and I didn’t even have to use “KonMari” as a verb.

    If at this point you, too, are asking yourself, "Why have I waited so long to buy these?!" you'll be comforted to know that this is a judgment-free space — and that there's still time for you to save your overwhelmed wardrobe!

    The only downside? These hangers don’t have any padding.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed

    This won’t affect common fabrics like flannel or denim. To protect fragile fabrics like silk or chiffon, though, pick up a length of foam to cut and place between the hangers and your garments.

    So now you know! Happy organizing.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Get the hanger for tops from Jet for $9.84 and a two-pack of the hanger for bottoms from Amazon for $13.08.

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