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5 Must Have CHANEL Products

These are 5 of the most basic Chanel staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe, regardless of background. double flap, perfume no. 5, shoes/slings, jackets/dress, pearl necklace

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1. Chanel Double Flap Bag

Ultimate Unboxing / Via

Any double flap bag with the Chanel logo automatically screams style in my opinion. This fashionable and functional bag has just enough room to fit most everyday items you need and also comes in various sizes to suit every person. You can definitely use this item everyday and not just on special occasions. Check out this video to see what the inside of one looks like!

3. Chanel Shoes or Slings

Ultimate Unboxing (YouTube) / Via

The third item on my list would be black pumps or slings. Chanel Black Pumps are very versatile and sophiscted looking. They are sure to elevate your appearance, regardless of where you are. They are classic and never go out of style. P.S. The ones shown above are slings.

4. The Chanel Jacket

Chanel / Via

The Chanel Jacket holds one of the most recognized designs in the world. Many many jacket styles stem from or were inspired by the original Chanel jackets. It was actually difficult to find original Chanel photos because Zara and many other companies now make similar ones.

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