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Here's What Happens When You Use Activated Charcoal On Your Teeth

Curious about the charcoal craze, but don’t understand what it’s all about? You might have seen some of the recent ads, photos, or other blog posts about using activated charcoal to whiten your teeth. It sounds and looks like it would do the opposite to your teeth, but you’d be amazed at how well it works not to mention the many other health benefits and uses it has.

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What is activated charcoal?

Similar to what you use in your BBQ, activated charcoal is a product of burning wood or coal at a high temperature. Once it is heated, it becomes “activated” and transforms into a porous, toxin-collecting compound. It has a very high surface due to its structure, which makes it very adsorbent. Unlike absorption, where particles are soaked up or mixed in, adsorption works by binding to particles and literally trapping them in its pores.

What is it used for?

It’s best known for its wellness properties and is typically taken internally to help the body process out toxins, especially at the onset of experiencing food poisoning. Some people also taken after ingesting something they’re allergic or sensitive to like wheat products for those with gluten sensitivities. It can also be used as a natural base to make homemade cosmetics like eyeliner and mascara.

What happens when it’s used on teeth?

It works on teeth the same way it works throughout your body when taken internally. Charcoal binds to plaque and bacteria on the surface of teeth, removing it when the charcoal is mixed with a little water, brushed on and rinsed off your teeth. It even helps clean deep into the pores of your teeth the same way teeth whitening strips work. The end results after cleaning your teeth with activated charcoal are truly amazing!

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