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31 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures That Prove Actors Who Play Superheroes Have Such Cool Jobs

Stunt doubles, face molds, green screens, and so much more!

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Instagram: @tomholland2013 / @stephenamell / @galgadot / @markruffalo

1. First, this truly iconic selfie Tom Holland snapped while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming:

Instagram: @tomholland2013 / Via

2. Gal Gadot getting a mold done in order to complete her transformation into Wonder Woman:

Instagram: @gal_gadot / Via

3. This unbelievable photo of Taika Waititi playing Korg in Thor: Ragnarok:

Instagram: @jasinboland / Via

4. This picture of Melissa Benoist hanging with the stunt team that helps her fly on Supergirl:

Instagram: @melissabenoist / Via Instagram: @melissabenoist

5. The fact that these tiny dots turn Mark Ruffalo from a normal human into The Hulk for Avengers: Infinity War is insane:

Instagram: @markruffalo / Via

6. Here's a look at Sean Gunn getting ready to play Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:

Instagram: @jamesgunn / Via

7. This pic showing the TV magic that goes into making Grant Gustin run on The Flash:

Instagram: @grantgust / Via

8. What's better than one Gamora? How about three! Here's Zoe Saldana hanging out on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:

Instagram: @jamesgunn / Via

9. Just think, on a typical day Spider-Man, Peter Quill, and Nebula can all hang out together on the set of Avengers: Infinity War:

Instagram: @tomholland2013 / Via

10. This picture of Odette Annable taking some flying lessons before suiting up as Reign on Supergirl:

Instagram: @odetteannable / Via

11. This picture showing Chris Hemsworth playing with a Thor and Hulk action figure while filming Thor: Ragnarok:

Instagram: @chrishemsworth / Via

12. Stephen Amell and the crew on Arrow making an epic helicopter stunt come to life:

Instagram: @james2bambamford / Via

13. Of course, this heartwarming picture of when Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston surprised children as Thor and Loki:

Instagram: @chrishemsworth / Via

14. This pic of Brie Larson learning how to fly during filming of Captain Marvel:

Instagram: @brielarson / Via

15. This picture of Robert Downey Jr. hanging out with real-life superhero and comic book genius Stan Lee:

Instagram: @robertdowneyjr / Via

16. Here's a pic of Chris Hemsworth hanging with his stunt double Bobby, because two Chris Hemsworths is always better than one:

Instagram: @chrishemsworth / Via

17. Krysten Ritter fastening her harness for a stunt on Jessica Jones:

Instagram: @therealkrystenritter / Via

18. Alright, this is a video, but you have to watch Caity Lotz working on a stunt for Legends of Tomorrow:

Instagram: @caitylotz / Via

19. The fact that an actors lunch break can include hanging out with the Green Arrow and The Flash on set:

Instagram: @stephenamell / Via

20. This picture of Stephen Amell and David Ramsey in waist-deep water during a typical day on Arrow:

Instagram: @stephenamell / Via

21. Mike Colter hanging around waiting for the perfect shot on Luke Cage:

Instagram: @realmikecolter / Via

22. Hugh Jackman recording a voiceover for Logan is simultaneously hilarious and impressive:

Instagram: @thehughjackman / Via

23. And here's Gal Gadot fighting a brave stuntman on the set of Wonder Woman:

Instagram: @gal_gadot / Via

24. The fact that Henry Cavill gets to drink his morning coffee in his Superman costume is pretty amazing:

Instagram: @henrycavill / Via

25. This picture of Chadwick Boseman preparing to act with Rocket on the set of Avengers: Infinity War:

Instagram: @chadwickboseman / Via

26. This behind-the-scenes pic of Evangeline Lilly playing Hope van Dyne / Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp:

Instagram: @evangelinelillyofficial / Via

27. Here's a picture of Dave Batista hanging with Sean Gunn while filming a Rocket and Drax scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:

Instagram: @jamesgunn / Via

28. This picture of Chris Pratt and Kurt Russell's face molds on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:

Instagram: @prattprattpratt / Via

29. Here's a peek behind the scenes at Cress Williams learning how to stick a landing on the set of Black Lightning:

Instagram: @cress_williams / Via

30. The cast of Arrow getting an extra lift during a scene in Season 6:

Instagram: @julianaharkavy / Via

31. And finally, Ryan Reynold's wearing Crocs in between takes on Deadpool 2 is just perfect:

Instagram: @vancityreynolds / Via