The New Netflix Series "XO, Kitty" Starring Anna Cathcart Finally Has A Trailer, And Here's Everything You Need To Know

    Anna Cathcart returns as Kitty Song Covey in XO, Kitty, a spinoff of the To All the Boys movies, and yes, it already looks like it's filled with rom-com magic.

    It's no secret that there is a TON of great TV in 2023. There are so many good shows returning and premiering this year, and one of the ones I'm excited for is XO, Kitty.

    Kitty Song Covey being caught before she falls to the ground

    Created by Jenny Han (author of To All the Boys and The Summer I Turned Pretty book series), this upcoming Netflix show is a spinoff of the To All the Boys movies and follows Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart), who has played matchmaker for so many people in her life, and now it's time to find some adventure and romance of her own.

    Kitty Song Covey looks at herself in the mirror as she adjusts her school uniform

    When Kitty decides to attend the Korean Independent School of Seoul, aka KISS, where her mom went and where her long-distance boyfriend Dae (Minyeong Choi) attends, what ensues is an adventure of a lifetime and Kitty realizing that relationships are more complicated when your own heart is involved.

    Dae looking at Kitty as they stand in a crowded room

    Now, I'm always a sucker for a good Jenny Han romance — I mean, The Summer I Turned Pretty was one of my favorite shows last year — so I'm really excited to return to the To All the Boys world with this series.

    Before we get into more about the show, the cast, and everything in between, below is the first trailer:

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    First, if you need a little refresher, Kitty met Dae in the final To All the Boys movie when Kitty, Lara Jean (Lana Condor), and Margot (Janel Parrish) traveled to Seoul for spring break to reconnect with the memories of their mother.

    Dae taking a picture of Kitty

    And in case you're wondering, it has been about four years since we last saw Kitty in To All the Boys: Always and Forever, so she's done a lot of growing up — and a lot of talking to Dae as pen pals in the meantime.

    Alongside Anna and Minyeong, the series stars Gia Kim, Sang Heon Lee, Anthony Keyvan, Peter Thurnwald, Yunjin Kim, Jocelyn Shelfo, Michael K. Lee, Théo Augier, Regan Aliyah, and more, as some of the new friends, students, and teachers at KISS with Kitty.

    Also, John Corbett and Sarayu Blue are reprising their roles as Dr. Covey and Trina from the To All the Boys movies.

    Speaking about XO, Kitty and making Kitty a main character this time around, co-showrunner Sascha Rothchild told Netflix's Tudum, "She's stepping into the fore — picking up the baton from Lara Jean."

    One of the reasons Sascha and Jenny decided to set XO, Kitty in Seoul was to get away from the Covey house and Portland, so Kitty gets her own story and audiences aren't constantly thinking about Lara Jean and Peter (Noah Centineo).

    Jenny told Netflix's Tudum, "XO, Kitty really is Kitty's story and that's part of the reason why I really wanted to set this story in a different place. If you see the Covey house that we all know and love and their high school in Portland, you’d probably just be thinking, 'Oh, what’s Lara Jean up to?'"

    "For us, it was about giving Kitty the chance to really explore her inner self and to offer that peek into what she’s thinking," Jenny said. "To All the Boys is centered around Lara Jean, and we’re really in her head. Kitty is obviously a side character to that story. So we don't know what she’s thinking."

    She continued, saying, "We could guess, because Kitty definitely wears her emotions and her thoughts on her sleeve, and she says whatever she thinks. That was the most fun part of exploring this character: She’s not so in her head. She will say the first thing that comes to mind. Kitty is definitely a living-out-loud kind of a character."

    Kitty listens to music as she walks on the school campus

    Jenny and Sascha have also said that you can jump into XO, Kitty without having seen the To All the Boys movies, if you want. While it takes place in the "same universe," Kitty very much gets her own separate story in the show.

    The 10-episode series drops on May 18 on Netflix, and honestly, I really need a good YA rom-com right now, so I can't wait to watch.

    Are you excited for XO, Kitty? Tell us everything in the comments below!