31 "Wynonna Earp" Moments That Prove Waverly And Nicole Are The Best Couple On TV Right Now

    "I have never loved anyone the way that I love you."

    1. First, when Nicole waltzes into Shorty's Bar to introduce herself to Waverly:

    2. And then, when Nicole helps Waverly after her shirt gets stuck and it's a total heart eyes moment for both of them:

    3. When Nicole knows even before Waverly that they're destined to be together:

    4. When all Nicole can recall before being attacked is Waverly's smile:

    5. When Nicole wants to talk about the weird shit that happens in Purgatory, but Waverly is clearly thinking about something else:

    6. When Waverly and Nicole put all their feelings on the line to be together because TBH, that's pretty damn brave:

    7. When they had this perfect makeout session in the barn — honestly, the lighting is GORGEOUS:

    8. When Nicole gave Waverly her bracelet just so Waverly could accessorize:

    9. When Waverly says she loves Nicole for the first time in front of Wynonna, who she hasn't come out to yet:

    10. When Nicole knew Waverly was being possessed by a demon based on one kiss because that's true love:

    11. When Waverly is questioning whether she's really an Earp, but Nicole assures her that it doesn't matter:

    12. And then, when Nicole tells Waverly she would stand by her no matter what:

    13. When Waverly performs this sexy cheerleading dance for Nicole:

    14. When Nicole and Waverly have this tender moment after possessed Waverly ordered Nicole to shoot Wynonna:

    15. When Nicole is worried that Waverly doesn't remember their time together while she was possessed, but in fact, it's the opposite:

    16. When Wynonna drags Nicole to Pussy Willows and Nicole can't lie when Waverly calls:

    17. And then, when Nicole drunkenly apologies to Waverly and it's the cutest:

    18. When Nicole and Waverly kick some serious ass while fighting off Widow Mercedes — and Nicole risks her life to save Waves:

    19. When Nicole is dying and professes how much she loves Waverly — I'm literally a puddle just thinking about it:

    20. When Waverly and Nicole prove that no matter what universe they're in, they will always find each other:

    21. And of course, when only Waverly could compare someone to a doughnut and make it adorable:

    22. When Waverly figures out that she isn't an Earp or a revenant, but Nicole knows exactly who she is:

    23. When they simply wake up in bed together like the domestic couple they are:

    24. And then, when they fight some vampires together because why not:

    25. When Nicole put this guy in his place when he assumes that she and Waverly are just friends:

    26. When Waverly is unsure of her destiny, but Nicole assures her that one thing is certain:

    27. When Nicole and Waverly actually throw a "sorry party" because they're the level of adorable and extra that I aspire to be:

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    28. When Waverly performs this sexy Christmas dance for Nicole and is adorably embarrassed about it:

    29. When Waverly talks about Nicole to Charlie and the smile on her face says it all:

    30. When Waverly thinks Nicole is proposing and naturally freaks out:

    31. And finally, when Waverly actually proposes to Nicole because she doesn't want to live without her: