25 Winona Ryder And David Harbour Behind-The-Scenes Moments That Prove Platonic Soulmates Totally Exist

    Winona Ryder and David Harbour have the best friendship, and I'm obsessed.

    🚨 There are some spoilers ahead for Stranger Things Season 4, Vol. 2! 🚨

    1. First, when David Harbour kept poking fun at his size, and Winona Ryder finally told him to stop putting himself down because he's "a beautiful thing."

    Winona telling David to stop making fun of his size after he does it three times

    You can watch the full video below:

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    2. When Winona and David revealed that on late shoots for Stranger Things, Winona gets super "punchy" and hilarious around 4 a.m., and it's David's favorite thing ever.

    Winona explaining that she gets punchy early in the morning, and David explaining that it always made him laugh

    3. When David shared this adorably hilarious outtake of Winona on set for Season 3, and revealed that she always makes him laugh and reminds him that "life is short and [he] should enjoy it."

    4. When the Stranger Things writers revealed that Winona and David improvised this second Jopper kiss in Season 4 while filming because they just know their characters so well and trust each other so much.

    Hopper tells Joyce "This time, it's gonna be different" before they kiss again

    5. When they reunited on the red carpet and hugged each other like this.

    David hugging Winona

    6. And then when they looked at each other like this only a few seconds later.

    David with his arm around Winona as they smile at each other

    7. When David posted this still of Joyce and Hopper from Stranger Things Season 4 and called Winona's performance as Joyce "the vital beating heart behind every season of Stranger Things."

    8. When they revealed that they came up with backstories for Joyce and Hopper that included the two of them dating in high school.

    A quote from David talking about how he and Winona discussed how Hopper and Joyce dated and that they are each other's family

    9. When David said that he bets Joyce and Hopper would have better sex than Joyce and Bob, and he failed to remember that Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp, who were 13 years old at the time, would hear him say that.

    David saying "I do feel like sex will be a lot better with Hopper than it is with Bob" and Millie looking shocked while Noah laughs

    10. When David answered the question "What is Winona Ryder like?" in the simplest but best way.

    David answers "Awesome"

    11. When Winona talked about how amazing it has been to work with David over the last seven years while filming Stranger Things, and David got emotional from hearing her say such sweet things about him.

    David and Winona explaining that working together for seven years has made them like family and then Winona kisses David on the cheek

    You can watch the full video below:

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    12. When David reflected on Stranger Things Season 4 and said that filming the scenes between Joyce and Hopper was some of the "easiest work" he's ever done because he truly missed working with Winona every day.

    David explaining that he let his real emotions of filming less with Winona in Season 4 come through in Hopper and Joyce's reunion

    13. When David and Winona couldn't stop laughing while watching something on creator Matt Duffer's phone while filming Stranger Things Season 2.

    The three of them leaning against a car as Winona covers her face and David laughs while looking at the phone

    14. When David shared this series of selfies with the caption, "[O]ne of the greatest movie stars of all time and an excited bearded man."

    15. When Winona started whispering a spoiler for Stranger Things Season 3 in David's ear, and before she even said a single word, David knew exactly what she was going to say.

    He says there's the funniest sequence, and as Winona starts whispering in his ear, he says "Yeah, exactly!"

    16. When David said that he's had a professional crush on Winona for years, and he loved growing up watching her movies.

    David calling Winona the best actor of her generation

    17. When David snapped this simply beautiful selfie with Winona at the SAG Awards.

    18. When Winona put her hand on David's shoulder when she noticed him shaking as he was giving an acceptance speech at the SAG Awards after Stranger Things won Best Ensemble in a Drama Series.

    Winona placing a hand on David's shoulder

    19. When David said that Winona has been known to fact-check some of the '80s references in Stranger Things for the Duffer brothers, namely the music.

    A quote from David saying that Winona would tell the Duffer brothers that a song came out in '85 not '83 while filming Season 1

    20. When Winona adorably checked in with David to make sure she was getting Joyce and Hopper's ship name correct.

    Winona saying Hopper and Joyce could've gotten together sooner and asking, "What is it, Jopper?"

    21. When Stranger Things camera operator Tim Ives posted an Instagram of Winona's New York cover story in 2016...

    ...and David commented this:

    "So hot on that cover damn, damndamndamn"

    22. When Winona could not say the word "spontaneous," and David just started laughing and encouraging her.

    Winona laughing and David saying, "You got it, c'mon"

    23. When David said he would love to watch a reality show that just consisted of Winona watching movies 24/7 for the rest of her life.

    David saying he would "watch the shit" out of a show about Winona watching movies

    24. When Winona was coping with a night shoot on Stranger Things by just letting David hug her (and sneak a selfie).

    25. And finally, when David thanked fans for the sweet birthday messages they were sending him, and he ended the video by showing off his favorite gift: a Winona forever hat.

    David wearing a black hat that reads, "Winona forever"

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