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Which TV Shows Should've Ended Sooner?

TBH, Big Little Lies didn't need Season 2.

Everyone has a list of TV shows that they will continue watching no matter what.


But, have you ever felt like one of your favorite TV shows lasted way longer than it should've?


Maybe you absolutely loved the early seasons of The Walking Dead, but the last few seasons have left you questioning why this show is still around.


Perhaps Supernatural was amazing for Seasons 1–5, but it has really overstayed its welcome and you actually gave up on it.

The CW

Maybe you were a huge Scandal fan, but the later seasons just didn't hold up to the earlier ones.


Heck, perhaps Big Little Lies would've been a perfect TV show if it ended after Season 1.


So, tell us which TV shows should've ended sooner and WHY via the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!