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Which TV Show Is So Good, But You Never Want To Rewatch It?

TBH, I never need to rewatch Chernobyl.

So, there are hundreds of amazing TV shows out there.


However, have you ever watched a TV show, thought it was phenomenal, but realized you truly never need to watch it again?


Maybe you know how incredible Breaking Bad is, but watching it once was all you needed because every episode was super stressful.


Perhaps you loved Watchmen, but since you already know all of the jaw-dropping twists, you never need to rewatch it.


Maybe you're constantly telling people to watch Fleabag, but it's not a show worth watching a second time because you didn't find any of the characters likable.

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Heck, perhaps you adore Game of Thrones, but because it's so bleak, you never want to watch the entire series again.


So tell us which TV show is amazing, but you can only watch it once and WHY in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!