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Which TV Show Did You Initially Love, But Grew To Hate?

TBH Friends is SUPER problematic.

If you're a TV show fan like me, chances are you watch WAY too much of it!

However, has there ever been one TV show that you were obsessed with, but when you went back and rewatched it, you realized that it was kind of the worst?

Maybe you were absolutely obsessed with Gilmore Girls when you first watched it, but now you can't stand watching these characters and their problems.

Perhaps rewatching Friends was something you used to do all the time, but ever since someone pointed out how problematic a lot of the storylines are, it's pretty much ruined for you.

Or maybe it's a current show, like Riverdale. Perhaps you LOVED Season 1, but Season 2 really lost you with all the Black Hood nonsense.

Perhaps The Walking Dead was your favorite show for a while, but now you're left wondering if it's even worth watching anymore since all your favorite characters are dead and gone.

Heck, maybe you were absolutely obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, like me, but now looking back why didn't those girls just call the damn cops?!

So, tell us what TV shows you once loved, but now can't stand and WHY via the DropBox below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!