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Which TV Seasons Are Perfect From Start To Finish?

Grey's Anatomy Season 2 is flawless and you can't change my mind.

There are a ton of amazing TV shows out there.


And while you're watching episode after episode, have you ever thought to yourself, "This is a perfect season of television."


Maybe you believe that Grey's Anatomy Season 2 is perfect because it gave us Denny, the bomb episode, and the heartbreaking Tom and Bonnie moment.


Or perhaps you always rewatch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 because it has episodes like "HalloVeen" and "The Box."


Maybe Fleabag Season 2 is the definition of a perfect season of TV for you because it's flawless from beginning to end.

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Heck, perhaps you think Stranger Things Season 3 is perfect because each character has an incredible character arc.


So, tell us which TV seasons are perfect and WHY via the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!