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Which TV Characters Deserved Totally Different (And Better) Endings Than The Ones They Got?

I'll never forget screaming at my TV over Missandei's ending on Game of Thrones.

Listen, everyone has TV characters they absolutely adore and would do anything for.


But, no matter how much we love these characters, sometimes they end up getting not-so-great endings.

Lexa telling Clarke her fight is over, and Clarke saying, "May we meet again"
The CW

One day I'll stop yelling about the mistreatment of Lexa on The 100, but today is not that day.

Like, maybe Veronica Mars was your favorite show, but the revival really ruined everything, namely Logan's ending.

Veronica saying, "Heroes upon whom we're doting. Logan" before looking shocked after an explosion
Warner Bros. / Hulu

In my mind, Logan and Veronica are happily married still and solving crimes together.

Perhaps despite there being numerous flaws with the final season of Game of Thrones, you'll truly never understand why Missandei's death felt necessary.

Cersei asking Missandei if she has any final words and Missandei saying, "Dracarys"

Missandei and Grey Worm deserved to be the couple that found each other amongst the chaos and got to live a happy life together.

Maybe Alex's character growth on Grey's Anatomy was downright perfect, but when the writers wrote him out by having him leave Jo and go live with Izzie, you just scratched your head and shouted, "WHY?!?!"

Jo crying while reading Alex's letter that says he loves her, but he also loves Izzie

Listen, I personally was never a fan of Izzie so I might be biased here, but still.

Heck, perhaps a TV show you loved got cut short too early, so your favorite character was left with an ending they didn't deserve — like, Allie, Will, and every other character on The Society.

Allie and Will being led away in handcuffs

So tell me which TV character's ending you would change for the better and WHY in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!