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Which Popular TV Character Do You Actually Hate?

I'm sorry, but Jon Snow kind of sucks!

We all have our favorite TV characters that we can't live without.

However, has there ever been a TV character that other people loved, but you actually couldn't stand?

Maybe your friends can't stop talking about how much they LOVE Derek Shepherd, but you think he was a jerk and Meredith deserved better.

Perhaps you're confused why everyone loves Lorelai from Gilmore Girls so much because you think she's pretty selfish.

Or maybe your BFF got you to watch Scandal because they love Olivia Pope, but you found it pretty annoying that she constantly kept going back to Fitz.

Maybe no matter how many episodes of Riverdale you've watched, you just don't understand why people like Betty and Jughead together.

Heck, maybe you just don't understand why everyone loves Jon Snow from Game of Thrones because TBH, he's really annoying and broody.

So, tell us which TV character other people love, but you actually hate and WHY via the DropBox below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!