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What's The Funniest Marvel Cinematic Universe Moment?


So, I think I can safely say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has completely consumed my life at this point.

And while I love talking about all the fight scenes and tear-jerking moments, the MCU is also known for having some really funny moments fans love.

Maybe the funniest moment for you is when Hulk completely smashes Loki into the ground during The Avengers.

Perhaps you're still laughing at the scene where Thor discovers how much he loves coffee.

Or maybe nothing has made you laugh harder than Shuri's iconic "What are those?!" line in Black Panther.

Heck, perhaps you just love smiling while watching Baby Groot dance.

So, tell us which Marvel movie moments are the funniest and WHY via the DropBox below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!