This Tiny "Westworld" Detail Involving Dolores Has Been There This Entire Time And I Never Noticed

    "I don't care if you guys know it because I hope somebody notices."

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers for Westworld Season 2 below!🚨

    This past week, the cast of Westworld gathered at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the show and tease Season 3.

    Of course, one of the biggest discussions was about the epic Season 2 finale where it was revealed that Dolores's consciousness was copied into a replica of Charlotte.

    During the panel, Tessa Thompson talked playing this new version of Charlotte, saying, "Once I sort of knew where we were going then I could get on the phone with Evan [Rachel Wood] and I asked her for, like, tips about how to be Dolores."

    While Evan and Tessa didn't want to reveal all of the small characteristics that Evan uses to create Dolores, Evan did tell the audience one detail that she's included since Season 1.

    Evan explained that there are certain "little physicalities" that she does that help bring Dolores to life.

    While some of the details are too small for the audience to notice, Evan said she "hopes somebody notices" that whenever Dolores sits down "her right hand is always in her left. Always."

    Evan said that it was just something she started doing and when it came time for Tessa to play Charlotte/Dolores, she passed it on to her.

    So, here's Dolores sitting with her right hand in her left in Season 1.

    And here she is doing it again during Season 2.

    Now, if you go back and watch Season 2, you can spot Charlotte/Dolores doing the same thing, and this is before the big reveal.

    Basically, I can't unseen this tiny Dolores detail and I'll 100% be looking out for it in Season 3.

    Westworld III will premiere in 2020 on HBO.

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