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    27 "The Vampire Diaries" Scenes That Are Absolutely Heart-Wrenching From Start To Finish

    "I was feeling epic."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which The Vampire Diaries moments always make them cry. Here are some of our favorite responses:

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, when Damon told Elena that he loved her, but didn't deserve her.

    2. When Damon talked beside Alaric's grave, and we see Alaric right next to him on the Other Side.

    3. When Stefan heartbreakingly killed Enzo in front of Bonnie.

    4. When Kai shockingly killed Jo at her and Alaric's wedding.

    5. When Damon was trapped on the Other Side and told Elena how much he loved her, but she couldn't hear him.

    6. When Elena turned off her humanity after Jeremy died and burned her childhood home down.

    7. When Klaus killed Jenna in order to break the curse.

    8. When we heard John's farewell letter to Elena during Jenna and John's funeral.

    9. When Elena and Damon danced in the street after she was put in a coma.

    10. When Elena asked Bonnie to make the feathers float one last time.

    11. When Bonnie learned that Grams died after helping her open the tomb.

    12. When Stefan sacrificed himself so Damon would survive.

    13. And then, when Lexi greeted Stefan in the afterlife.

    14. When Caroline gave her mom one final memory about Caroline learning how to ride a bike.

    15. When Damon told Caroline that the hardest part of losing her mom would be the days after her funeral.

    16. When the Mystic Falls police called Liz's radio one last time after she died.

    17. When Caroline turned her humanity back on and realized she burned the last letter her mom wrote her.

    18. When everyone went to see Alaric before he died in the Salvatore crypt.

    19. When Elena told Stefan to save Matt first after they crashed off Wickery Bridge.

    20. When Elena and Alaric were linked, and Damon realized that Elena died because Alaric was now dead.

    21. When Jeremy finally told everyone that Bonnie died and they held a funeral for her.

    22. When Alaric told Caroline that one of the twins was named after her mom.

    23. When Katherine gave Nadia a good memory from her childhood before she died.

    24. When Stefan overheard Elena telling Damon that she loved him.

    25. When Grams and the Bennett ancestors helped Bonnie contain the hellfire.

    26. When Elena got to see Jenna, John, and her parents again after living a full life.

    27. And finally, when Damon and Stefan reunited in the afterlife during the series finale.

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    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.