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23 TV Show Plot Points That Were Never Answered Because The Show Was Canceled On A Cliffhanger

Netflix ended The Society on such a big cliffhanger, and I'm very much not OK still.

There are obviously massive spoilers ahead!

1. First, the beloved Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet was tragically canceled after Season 3, which left us with a lot of unanswered questions. The show now ends with Sheila biting Joel in order to save his life after he's bit.

Joel saying "Hello" after Sheila bites him

2. Agent Carter, one of MCU's first TV shows, sadly only lasted two seasons before it ended. Season 2 finished with Thompson getting shot in his hotel room and the shooter stealing a file on Peggy Carter.

A blacked out file and Thompson lying on the ground bleeding

3. After 71 episodes, Young and Hungry ultimately came to a close without a proper finale. So, the final scene of the show consists of Gabi proposing to Josh and asking him to move with her to Seattle.

Gabi telling Josh she needs to take the job in Seattle, but she wants him to come too

4. The Society was canceled by Netflix even after they ordered a Season 2. The show finished with everyone in New Ham turning on Allie and Will. Then, in the "real" West Ham, we saw a memorial with all of the teenagers' names on it.

A list of names on a memorial reading "We remember them"

5. Devious Maids was canceled after four seasons, and the series ended with Marisol disappearing right before her wedding to Peter.

Marisol's friends finding blood where she was getting dressed

6. Freaks and Geeks only lasted one season, but launched so many notable careers. Due to its cancellation, the show finished with Lindsay ditching a summer school program and going with Kim to follow the Grateful Dead on tour.

Lindsay saying, "Hey, Mom. I'll see you soon"

7. Dare Me heartbreakingly only lasted one season before it ended in 2020. So, the series finale now consists of Addy confronting Coach Colette and viewers learning in flashbacks that Colette and her husband might know exactly how Will died.

Colette saying, "I might have left it behind at his place when we were there"

8. Despite a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim, Hannibal was canceled after Season 3. So, the last seconds of the show featured Graham hugging Hannibal as the two of them went over a cliff.

Graham saying, "It's beautiful"

9. After four seasons, My Name Is Earl was suddenly axed following a Season 4 cliffhanger. Now, the series finale ends with Earl learning that he's Dodge's biological father and Darnell figuring out he isn't Earl Jr.'s dad.

Darnell saying only 3 DNAs match on the test, which means he's not Earl Jr's father

10. I Am Not Okay With This was canceled after only one season. So, the show ended on a HUGE cliffhanger, with Sydney meeting a mysterious man after she used her powers and killed Brad.

Syd saying, "Should I be afraid?" and a mysterious man saying, "They should be afraid. Let's begin"

11. Firefly was notably canceled by Fox after only a single season. Even though the series got a movie titled Serenity, the show's cliffhanger still sticks with fans. The original show ended with Early floating alone in space after he's ambushed by Mal.

Mal saying "Some of us feel differently" before pushing Early

12. The OA wrapped after only two seasons on Netflix. The show ended on a massive cliffhanger with Prairie, Hap, and the others going into a dimension where they are on the soundstage of The OA TV show, and the actors are playing versions of their real-life selves.

Hap saying, "Hey, hey Prairie. We're here" and "I'm Jason Isaacs. She's my wife"

13. Teenage Bounty Hunters sadly ended after one season on Netflix. The last episode featured Sterling getting rescued after being taken by Dana, her mom's twin, and it was revealed that Sterling was actually Dana's biological daughter.

Dana saying, "Sterling, you are my daughter"

14. The Last Man on Earth came to an end in 2018, after four seasons. The show finished up with Tandy and the rest of the survivors setting up a new camp before they were suddenly surrounded by people who had been living underground.

Tandy saying, "Oh, farts" and looking at a massive group of people

15. The criminally underrated series Carnivàle only lasted two seasons before HBO pulled the plug. The series ended with the carnival leaving New Canaan as we see Ben's body lying on Management's bed after he stabbed Justin.

The carnival leaving town and Ben lying unconscious

16. Mindhunter was put on "indefinite hold" by Netflix after just two seasons, despite critical acclaim. If the show gets offically canceled, it will end with Ford being troubled by not solving the rest of the missing children's murders and the BTK strangler continuing his ways.

A title card reading, "As of 2019, none of the remaining 27 cases have been prosecuted"

17. Moesha came to an end after only six seasons, and the show didn't have a proper series finale. So, it ended with a positive pregnancy test being found in Moesha's dorm room and her younger brother getting kidnapped.

Someone holding up Myles's shoe and saying he's with the other one

18. The Following, starring Kevin Bacon, was canceled following a decline in ratings during Season 3. However, the show still didn't give viewers a complete ending. The show ended with Ryan faking his own death, seemingly killing Lisa, and then vowing to help Gwen raise her child.

Ryan running in the woods

19. My So-Called Life was suddenly canceled after one season, so it ended with Angela going off with Jordan, just as Brian realizes he's in love with her.

Brian telling Angela, "You liked it though, right? It made you, like, happy?"

20. Netflix's Spinning Out didn't make it past Season 1 before it was canceled. The series ultimately ended with viewers learning that Dr. Parker was in a secret relationship with Serena and was taking advantage of other young skaters. Plus, we never got to see Kat and Justin's freestyle routine.

Kat smiling at her mom and Serena while standing on the ice before her routine

21. Twisted finished its run of episodes after just a single season, so naturally a cliffhanger was inevitable. The show ended with viewers seeing a black screen and hearing a gunshot after learning that Charlie is Tess's biological son.

Tess saying Charlie is her son while he holds Jo with a knife to her throat

22. Crossing Jordan aired from 2001 to 2007, and despite lasting 117 episodes, NBC canceled the show without a proper ending. So, the series wrapped with the entire team being stranded in the mountains following a plane crash.

Jordan and Woody inside a plane

23. And finally, Cursed, the Netflix series that followed Nimue from the Arthurian legend, was axed after Season 1. The series ended with Nimue falling into a waterfall after Iris shot her, and Merlin getting control of the sword.

Merlin holding onto Nimue's hand before she falls