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33 TV Moments That Are Absolutely Heartbreaking, But Not A Lot Of People Talk About Them

"How could she think that I could live without her?"

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV scenes always make them cry, and while there were a ton of moments we always talk about, there were even more heartbreaking moments that aren't talked about enough. So, here are some sad TV scenes that are extremely underrated:

🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead! And mentions of sexual assault and suicide.🚨

1. First, on Sesame Street, when the neighbors had to explain to Big Bird that Mr. Hooper died.

Big Bird asking when Mr. Hooper is coming back and everyone explaining that when people die, they don't come back

"Having the Sesame Street gang explain to Big Bird what death is and how Mr. Hooper will never come back was so emotional. It doesn't help that Mr. Hooper died IRL and this was everyone's genuine reactions."


2. On The End of the F***ing World, when James told Alyssa about his dad dying.

James explaining how he never went back into his house again after his dad unexpectedly died

"It's so sad. I wasn't expecting it and it broke me."


3. On Parenthood, when Alex broke up with Haddie, and then he had to say this heartbreaking goodbye to Kristina.

Alex thanking Kristina for everything and saying that he loves their family

"When Alex realizes that he needs to break it off with Haddie, but in doing so, he will miss Kristina because she treated him like a son, something he never had experienced before. It destroys me every time."


4. On Charmed, when Piper broke down over Prue's death.

Piper sobbing and saying she can't live without Prue
The WB

"In general, Season 4 had tons of heartbreaking scenes, but specifically when Piper learned to deal with Prue's death. It's a memorable moment from the show and deserves more attention."


5. On The Big C, when Adam found the storage unit where Cathy was keeping presents for him for the next 10 years.

Adam sobbing after finding a gift with a card that says "For Adam on your college graduation!"

"He finds the storage room filled with birthday, graduation, and Christmas presents all while a sad song plays in the background. And, in this moment, Adam truly realizes that his mom has limited time. I weep every time I remember this moment."


6. On Avatar: The Last Airbender, when Uncle Iroh mourned his son and sang "Leaves from the Vine."

Iroh saying, "Happy birthday, my son. If only I could've helped you"

"One of the most heartbreaking moments of the entire series."


7. On Secret Life of the American Teenager, when Adrian and Ben's baby died.

Adrian sobbing in a hospital bed with Amy and Ben crying on the floor with Ricky comforting him

"I sob every time. I think this was the best and most heartbreaking episode of the series."


8. On The Magicians, when everyone sang "Take on Me" while mourning Quentin.

Everyone around a campfire singing and Quentin watching

"The song, the fire, and Eliot’s raw emotion after such a draining season gets me every time. Quentin realizing how much he was loved just hurts."


9. On How I Met Your Mother, when Tracy talked to Max, her boyfriend who died, and asked if it was okay to move on.

Tracy saying goodbye to Max after telling him she's going to move on and try to find love again

"When Tracy’s boyfriend Louis proposes to her and she runs outside to talk to her deceased boyfriend Max and asks if it’s okay, and that she has to let him go. This moment gets me every time."


10. On Pose, when Pray Tell finally visited Costas in the hospital and wept in his arms.


"There are so many moments on Pose that make me cry, but I think one of the saddest was when Pray Tell was coming to terms with the fact that his boyfriend, Costas, was dying."


11. On Lucifer, when Amenadiel carried Charlotte to heaven after she saved his life.

Amenadiel promising to stay with Charlotte

"I SOBBED so damn hard and I did not expect it AT ALL because they made you hate Charlotte at first but by the end, you just couldn’t."


12. On Angel, when Angel got to spend a day as a human with Buffy, but then they had to reset the day like it never happened.

Buffy wishing they had more time and saying she will never forget
Warner Bros.

"The emotions are so strong and real in that minute when they're hugging and saying goodbye, that it gets me every time. Also, you can hear that David Boreanaz accidentally calls Sarah Michelle Gellar 'Sarah' instead of Buffy here because they were so caught up in that moment as well."


13. On Glee, when Finn's mom talked about how hard it was waking up every day and remembering that Finn was gone.

Carole sobbing and saying how when she wakes up she forgets and then it's like getting the phone call that Finn is dead over and over

"I don't think we talk enough about how the saddest part of Finn's death on Glee was his mom explaining how every time she wakes up, it's like he dies all over again. Definitely the most heartbreaking part of the episode."


14. On The 100, when Monty didn't get to say "I love you" to Jasper before he died.

Jasper asking Monty to say "I love you" before he dies, but Monty waits too long
The CW

"Monty, his best friend, went back to save Jasper, but Jasper told Monty that he loved him and to say it back or else he would regret it. But, Monty didn’t say it in time and Jasper died in his arms. I NEVER RECOVERED."


15. On One Day at a Time, when Elena confronted her dad after he stopped talking to her after she came out.

Elena telling her dad that she's moved on with her life and doesn't need him
Netflix / Pop

"This moment is just the definition of a sobfest for me."


16. On Money Heist/La Casa de Papel, when Berlin sacrificed himself so everyone else could escape.

Berlin and the Professor crying

"He had nothing to lose because he knew he would die anyway from his disease, so he chose to die with dignity and by his own choosing. I've rewatched this about 10 times now, and it gets me every single time, especially when 'Bella Ciao' starts playing."


17. On Black-ish, when Bow and Dre decided to take some time apart.

Dre asking Bow how they got to this place, and Bow saying she didn't know

"The whole episode of Black-ish where Bow and Dre decided to split up was absolutely heartbreaking."


18. On Grey's Anatomy, when all of the doctors surprised a patient with a wedding under the stars in her hospital room.

Meredith reading Natasha's vows to Garrett

"I lost it when they had a wedding in a patient's room. The doctors joined in by bringing up photos of stars and brought her wedding dress to drape on top of her. It was so incredibly sad, yet so well done."


19. Also on Grey's Anatomy, when Amelia cried because her mom and the rest of her family wasn't coming to her wedding.

Amelia crying on the phone with her mom and pleading that her mom comes to her wedding

"It was obvious they didn’t care for her as much as they did for Derek. Every time she said 'Mommy, please, I am getting married,' it SHATTERED my heart. In general, I think Amelia is an underrated character on Grey's."


20. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Bobbi and Hunter said goodbye to the team.

Simmons and Mack toasting Bobbi and Hunter one last time

"This episode always makes me tear up. They deserved to get to stay on the team and it’s just so sad, but also sweet that the whole team came to say goodbye to them."


21. On Rugrats, when Chuckie's dad read the poem his mom wrote to him before she died.

Chuckie's mom's poem saying that she will always be with him

"The poem Chuckie's mom wrote for him breaks me. A children's show making me weep."


22. On Dance Academy, when everyone found out that Sammy died after he was hit by a car.

Abigail sobbing in the shower

"I still cry my eyes out no matter how many times I watch it. The way his friends react to his death breaks my heart."


23. On Wynonna Earp, when Wynonna, Doc, Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy all mourned Dolls in their own ways after he died.

Nicole saying she couldn't save Dolls and blaming herself for his death and everyone gathered at Dolls' grave

"This whole episode after Dolls' death truly captures the idea that everyone grieves in a different way, and it's really heartbreaking to see how each character deals with the situation. And the opening credits used a slow, acoustic version of the original song, and it crushed my heart."


24. On Smash, when Jimmy sang "The Love I Meant to Say" after Kyle's death.


"The entire episode is too heartbreaking to watch, but especially the scene where Jimmy sings 'The Love I Meant to Say' and when they dim the marquee lights for Kyle."


25. On My Mad Fat Diary, when Rae didn't want to say all of the awful things she thinks to a younger version of herself.

Dr. Gill telling Rae to tell her younger self that she's worthless, ugly, fat, and an embarassment, and Rae refusing

"This scene is beautifully acted, underrated, and absolutely devastating."


26. On Criminal Minds, when Emily listened to a message from Garcia saying everyone was coming to help her.

Garcia telling Emily that they are in this dark place with her and they are coming to help her

"God, this ripped my heart out."


27. On Scrubs, when Carla said goodbye to Laverne before she died.

Carla saying that Laverne has been a role model and friend to her and she's gonna miss her

"Watch this and tell me it doesn't make you ugly cry!"


28. On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, when Valencia broke down crying after Rebecca attempted suicide.

Valencia saying she's so scared for Rebecca and doesn't want to lose her
The CW

"When we see all Rebecca's friends' reactions, particularly Valencia’s reaction, it makes me sob."


29. On 9-1-1, when Athena caught her fiancé's killer 20 years later and was finally able to grieve the loss.

Athena telling her deceased fiancé's mom, "We made an arrest"

"When you see Athena tell her deceased fiancé's mom they found his killer 20 years later, all while 'Rise Up' by Andra Day plays in the background. Then, Athena just falls into Bobby's arms. I WEPT."


30. On One Tree Hill, when Haley, Quinn, and Taylor laid in bed with their mom right before she died.

Lydia asking if she did alright, and Haley saying that she did everything
The CW

"Ugh, this moment wrecked me and it's not talked about enough."


31. On The Bold Type, when Jacqueline took the weights and revealed that she's a sexual assault survivor.


"This scene from The Bold Type always makes me cry. It's such a powerful episode and this moment is the climax of the storyline, combined with the music swelling up, it's a beautiful and meaningful moment."


32. On Ugly Betty, when we thought Santos was alive, but really Hilda was crying alone and imagining him.

Hilda pleading with Santos to just have one more day, then Hilda finally saying "He's gone" out loud to Betty

"The fact that the entire episode it looked like Santos lived and he and Hilda were just spending the day in bed, only to find out Hilda has been alone in the dark and mourning him, breaks me every single time I think about it. What an emotional episode."


33. And finally, on Looking for Alaska, when Pudge mourned Alaska after she tragically died.

Miles crying at Alaska's funeral and saying that he still loves her

"Despite reading the book and knowing it was coming, it was heart-wrenching to see Pudge's spiral and his denial."


Do you have other underrated heartbreaking TV moments you wished more people talked about? Tell us in the comments below!

Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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