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Guys, There Was A "Love Actually" Reunion In "Phineas And Ferb" And We All Missed It

I literally can't believe this happened!

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Yeah, well I just learned that Thomas Brodie-Sangster, aka the little boy from Love Actually, voiced Ferb.


You read that correctly! The guy on the left is also the guy on the right.

The girl Ferb had a crush on in the show, Vanessa, was voiced by Olivia Olson...who played Joanna in Love Actually.


Yup, Sam and Joanna had a reunion on Phineas and Ferb AND WE ALL MISSED IT.

Disney Channel was giving us the Love Actually reunion we all desperately wanted AND WE JUST HAD NO IDEA.

They even performed a song together just to really drive home the Love Actually similarities.

Let's just say my mind is thoroughly blown and now I'm over here wondering what else I've missed in my favorite childhood shows.