Here Are 27 Tweets From Celebs Before They Were Super Famous That'll Make You Say, "Wait, That's So Cute!"

    "I want to go to the Grammys one day." —Khalid

    1. When Lin-Manuel Miranda was already thankful for Alexander Hamilton in 2011:

    Here's to bodega ATMs that distribute $10 dollar bills, for those times you have $17 in your bank account. #Hamiltons

    Twitter: @Lin_Manuel / Via Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

    2. When Chrissy Teigen was just as emotional as we were while watching the Jersey Shore finale in 2010:

    watching jersey shore finale and reunion. *****TEARS***** seriously these people have made me so happy. true mood boosters. PLEASE DONT GO

    Twitter: @chrissyteigen / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    3. When Khalid tweeted in 2014 that he wanted to attend the Grammys one day:

    I want to go to the Grammys one day.

    Twitter: @thegreatkhalid / Via Twitter: @thegreatkhalid

    4. When Sterling K. Brown was beside himself seeing a poster with his face on it in 2016:

    5. When Ariana Grande was super excited that her cover of "Love the Way You Lie" was doing so well in 2010:

    P.s. My new cover has over 100,000 listens !!! Thank you all so much. I'm the happiest girl in the world. Thanks for supporting my music. x

    Twitter: @ArianaGrande / Via Twitter: @ArianaGrande

    6. When Kerry Washington was grateful for her new followers after the first episode of Scandal in 2012:

    For ALL new followers :) THANK YOU for following! AND... it's always me tweeting UNLESS it's signed "kw's krew" and then... It's my krew. XO

    Twitter: @kerrywashington / Via Twitter: @kerrywashington

    7. When Niall Horan auditioned for The X Factor UK in 2010 and hoped it would lead somewhere:

    applied for xfactor,hope it all wrks out

    Twitter: @NiallOfficial / Via Twitter: @NiallOfficial

    8. When Lili Reinhart tweeted this hopeful statement in 2013:

    #2013TaughtMe it only takes 1 second for your life to change for the better.. So just hang on because u never know what may be coming 💕

    Twitter: @lilireinhart / Via Twitter: @lilireinhart

    9. When Shay Mitchell was ecstatic that her new show Pretty Little Liars got picked up in 2010:

    "Pretty Little Liars"- My new show just got picked up!!! Words cannot explain or describe how big the smile on my face is... so blessed. xo

    Twitter: @shaymitch / Via Twitter: @shaymitch

    10. When SZA was overwhelmed by the support for her record label in 2013:

    I couldn't be more blessed to be part of such an immensely talented, honorable,and dangerously creative family THANK YOU #TDE @TopDawgEnt

    Twitter: @sza / Via Twitter: @sza

    11. When John Boyega said he had never seen a Star Wars movie in theaters in 2015:

    I've never seen a Star Wars movie in the cinema. Force awakens will be my first time. JJ hurry the HELL UP! #76daystogo

    Twitter: @JohnBoyega / Via Twitter: @JohnBoyega

    12. When Chrissy Metz had been waiting her whole life for a starring TV role in 2014:

    13. When Gwendoline Christie was super happy about the response to her first appearance on Game of Thrones in 2012:

    Huge thank you's for all your kind and heart warming comments and love!!! So pleased you liked it! #gameofthrones Family, you're AMAZING X

    Twitter: @lovegwendoline / Via Twitter: @lovegwendoline

    14. When David Harbour loved the first script of Stranger Things in 2015:

    Um, I'm pretty excited about this. It's a reeeeeeeeally good script, duffer geniuses...and Winona, cmon, amazing

    Twitter: @DavidKHarbour / Via Twitter: @DavidKHarbour

    15. When Tatiana Maslany was just getting the hang of playing a clone on Orphan Black in 2012:

    Grateful for my incredible generous scene partner @KathrynAlexand3. #orphanblack

    Twitter: @tatianamaslany / Via Twitter: @tatianamaslany

    16. When Ben Platt finished filming Pitch Perfect in 2011:

    My last day on #PitchPerfect. It's been the experience of a lifetime. Thank you to the best fake roommate a guy could ask for, @SkylarAstin

    Twitter: @BenSPLATT / Via Twitter: @BenSPLATT

    17. When Camila Mendes was thrilled that Riverdale was officially happening in 2016:

    TOO HAPPY FOR WORDS. Can't even handle all the excitement on my feed right now. #Riverdale is officially happening -- brace yourselves!

    Twitter: @CamilaMendes / Via Twitter: @CamilaMendes

    18. When Ed Sheeran was excited to be recording his first major album in 2011:

    I'm a Quarter way through this debut major label album, so far it's sounding phunky phresh, lots of cool ideas and new songs

    19. When Gina Rodriguez was optimistic about her future plans in 2013:

    Give me the eyes to see all the blessings I have in front of me.

    Twitter: @HereIsGina / Via Twitter: @HereIsGina

    20. When Tyler Posey wanted everyone to watch his new show Teen Wolf in 2011:

    Check out tonights Americas best dance crew, the movie awards, and then the series premier of TEEN WOLF!!!!

    Twitter: @tylergposey / Via Twitter: @tylergposey

    21. When Norman Reedus was happy people tuned into his new show, The Walking Dead, in 2010:

    i just wanna say thank you to all the people on here watching the show its really overwhelming and i feel blessed . thank you guys !!!!

    Twitter: @wwwbigbaldhead / Via Twitter: @wwwbigbaldhead

    22. When Jameela Jamil wanted everyone to watch this little comedy series she was on in 2016:

    I'm in a comedy series about dead people: with a bunch of these legends

    Twitter: @jameelajamil / Via Twitter: @jameelajamil

    23. When Caitriona Balfe was overwhelmed by the support for her casting on Outlander in 2013:

    Wow, I'm so overwhelmed by all the amazing tweets... Wish I could answer and pack at the same time..! Need more hands !! #outlander #claire

    Twitter: @caitrionabalfe / Via Twitter: @caitrionambalfe

    24. When Alessia Cara was looking to get a few followers in 2011:

    my goal is to get to 1000 followers ? think i could do it ??

    Twitter: @alessiacara / Via Twitter: @alessiacara

    25. When Simone Biles was wondering what her future would be like in 2013:

    I always wonder what my future will be like...

    Twitter: @Simone_Biles / Via Twitter: @Simone_Biles

    26. When Lady Gaga was looking to the future in 2010:

    THE FAME MONSTER was named the best-selling album of 2010! I'm so excited for the future, believe + work hard, you will achieve your dreams.

    Twitter: @ladygaga / Via Twitter: @ladygaga

    27. And finally, when Gal Gadot was just excited for her new website in 2010:

    Twitter: @GalGadot / Via Twitter: @GalGadot