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    Here Are 33 TV Shows That Should've Ended Sooner

    "If the [How I Met Your Mother] creators were set on sticking with their plan ... the show shouldn’t have lasted for so long."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV shows should've ended sooner and which season they should've ended at. Here are some of the best responses:

    Warning: Some spoilers ahead!

    1. Once Upon a Time after Season 6.


    "The last season was unnecessary. The Season 6 finale wrapped up the series perfectly, so it made no sense why there was another season." —whocares008

    2. Orange Is the New Black after Season 4.


    "The last three seasons are unwatchable. It should've ended after Poussey died." —lauraq479c892f6

    3. 13 Reasons Why after Season 1.


    "It should have only been a one-season show, but somehow they've managed to stretch it into four seasons. It really does the original story a disservice by turning the show into a murder mystery." —Ag415

    4. Game of Thrones after Season 6.


    "The final season was such a disaster and a betrayal of both the characters' stories and the fanbase. We all would've been better off if the show ended two seasons earlier with the Season 6 finale, where Dany was setting sail for Westeros." —Andytheislander

    5. The Office after Season 7.


    "It should have ended after Michael left. It was unnecessary to do two more seasons without Michael because he was the heart and soul of the show." —samb42e6ddccb

    6. How I Met Your Mother after Season 5.


    "If the creators were set on sticking with their plan of having Ted and Robin together, the show shouldn’t have lasted for so long. All they did with the extra seasons was solidify Barney and Robin’s relationship, only to dismantle it in minutes." —stephaniek4282e151d

    7. Grey's Anatomy after Season 7.


    "It needs to be stopped. I'm a firm believer that it should never have gone past Season 7. The show does their characters a serious injustice when it drags out their storylines." —j463e065e6

    8. Pretty Little Liars after Season 4.


    "It could've ended after the Season 2 reveal, but I could forgive the show if it stopped at Season 4. The random plot holes and stupid storylines just to keep the show going really did nothing for it." —AhlenaDilaurentis

    9. Riverdale after Season 1.

    The CW

    "The first season was perfect, but everything else has felt like a bad trip." —selenaangelina

    10. Friends after Season 5.


    "It could have ended after Season 5. The later seasons were good, but they just didn't have the same magic as the earlier ones. I know people feel like it ended well, but they could have wrapped it up long before then." —KhloeBare

    11. The Walking Dead after Season 6.


    "I stopped watching it about three seasons ago after Negan was introduced. Almost all of the original and beloved characters are gone now and it has gotten so boring." —a4b6d9f613

    12. Gilmore Girls after Season 6.

    Warner Bros.

    "It should've ended when Amy Sherman-Palladino left the series. I would have hated the show ending on such a terrible note, but I would've preferred heartbreak over Season 7." —laurenk486b7dddf

    13. Scandal after Season 4.


    "Sadly, Scandal went on for too long. It was a really amazing show at first, but during the last few seasons, Olivia Pope became the worst character." —tvelazquez10

    14. Dexter after Season 4.


    "The show peaked during the Season 4 finale with the Trinity Killer, but they just kept going until they ended up with one of the worst series finales ever." —stephaniem49eb94563

    15. One Tree Hill after Season 8.

    The CW

    "The final season never should have happened. Season 8 ended perfectly with Brooke having twins and reopening Karen's café with Haley. Plus, the last scene of Jamie re-creating Lucas Scott's iconic moment from the pilot was a perfect ending." —krystanl

    16. The Vampire Diaries after Season 6.

    The CW

    "It definitely should have ended when Elena left because after that, it felt like the writers were just making things up as they went." —jeffatkinsgirl

    17. Glee after Season 3.


    "After the original Glee crew went off to college, the show didn’t feel the same. Everything after Season 3 felt like the show was trying to copy and paste old character traits onto new characters." —taylorj4d138ae2f

    18. Supernatural after Season 5.

    The CW

    "Supernatural should have ended with Sam going to hell. The first few seasons were so beautifully structured, and the show would have been remembered for being great. Now the writers have run out of ideas, so the characters have no direction and it shows. Honestly, I'm glad it's finally ending." —fredzesty

    19. This Is Us after Season 2.


    "Truthfully, it could have ended after revealing how Jack died. I struggled through the last season and Season 2 was the best." —KhloeBare

    20. How to Get Away With Murder after Season 3.


    "When HTGAWM came out, I was OBSESSED. I loved the writing, the characters, and storylines of the first three seasons. The show wasn't the same after Alfred Enoch left." —cslamin3947

    21. Buffy the Vampire Slayer after Season 5.

    Warner Bros.

    "I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I still adore many of the characters, but some of the later seasons felt like a lot of filler episodes." —kileyh4f37c0bf0

    22. Homeland after Season 3.


    "The first two seasons were awesome and the third was good, but it got really bad from Season 4 on. The plots weren't interesting and they killed all of the good characters." —jumanjina

    23. The X-Files after Season 7.


    "I love The X-Files, but the last two seasons of the original show did not need to happen. After seven seasons of Mulder and Scully goodness, who could get into two new main characters? No thanks." —kellinicoleb

    24. Law & Order: SVU after Season 12.


    "I'm sorry, I love SVU, but it needs to end. Mariska Hargitay can still carry the show, but it 100% could've ended after Christopher Meloni left." —KhloeBare

    25. Scrubs after Season 8.


    "The Season 8 finale perfectly tied everything up and was so sweet. Then Season 9 came along with a new cast, and it was completely unnecessary. It didn’t ruin the rest of the show for me, but we definitely didn’t need Season 9." —strangerthanitseems

    26. The 100 after Season 4.

    The CW

    "The Season 4 finale would've been the perfect series finale, especially for Clarke's character. The current storyline where they are going to another planet is so unnecessary." —d409bcb2f8

    27. The O.C. after Season 3.


    "It should’ve ended with Season 3 after they all graduated. Marissa should’ve sailed off to Greece with her dad. Happy endings all around." —kminfl

    28. Revenge after Season 2.


    "Revenge was amazing for the first two seasons, but it went downhill fast after that. Also, once David Clarke returned, it lost a lot of the emotion that made it compelling." —jessicaw101

    29. Lost after Season 4.


    "The last few seasons were awful, and it should have ended when most of the original characters got off the island. The show ended up dragging out every storyline and brought back old characters for no reason. I could barely finish the last season." —peskychesky833

    30. Big Little Lies after Season 1.


    "Big Little Lies should have only been one season. It was completely unnecessary to do an entire season after that Season 1 ending." —c467c5c459

    31. That '70s Show after Season 7.


    "The last season was sad and a complete disaster. The show should've ended when Eric left." —sofiaperezp

    32. Heroes after Season 1.


    "The first season was a masterpiece, but as the show went on the seasons got worse. It would've been a great limited series." —morganf4a9d7f496

    33. Teen Wolf after Season 3.


    "The first two seasons were wonderful, artistic, well-plotted, and paced. Season 3 wasn't as good, but it still had amazing episodes, especially with Stiles. The show continued for way too long, especially when main cast members started to leave. It became practically unwatchable." —dottie_wan_kenobi

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