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Here Are 31 TV Shows People Once Loved, But Now Can't Stand

"I can’t trust Ryan Murphy to follow through in a satisfying way with any of his shows."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV shows they loved, but now kind of hate. Here are some of those shows:

1. Grey's Anatomy


"So many choices on the show the past few seasons have not made sense. The show could have ended with grace, but now it’s just being dragged on."


2. Supernatural

The CW

"I got tired of the show when not a single important female character has ever been on the show without getting killed or written off. From Jo to Charlie to Mary (twice), they've all been kicked off the show in some way just so the show can add onto the pain for the Winchester boys."


3. Once Upon a Time


"It used to be a campy take on classic fairy tales, but it just got dumber and dumber as it went along. After Season 4 I was only watching for Captain Hook and I made it half an episode into Season 7 before I called it quits for good."


4. Glee


"After Season 2, the show was less about character arcs and more about current trends and characters the writers favored, like Kurt, Rachel, and Blaine. The characters lost depth as the writers pandered to the fan base too much. As a result, the show ended not with a bang, but with a whimper."


5. Pretty Little Liars


"Beyond Season 5 was too much. It became a show that was like, 'Oh shit we got picked up for another season — we have to write something.' It felt like the writers were writing stories that they drew from a hat. Too bad my 'Emily and Alison run away together and open a cupcake shop in a psychiatric hospital' idea never made it out."


6. American Horror Story


"The first few seasons were good but the show has a history of introducing too many plot lines that don’t get tied up....I loved it regardless until they started introducing weird musical numbers. I can’t trust Ryan Murphy to follow through in a satisfying way with any of his shows."


7. The Walking Dead


"The first few seasons were so thrilling: The walkers were a constant looming threat and that added tension that couldn’t be achieved by any other show. But it eventually fell into this cycle: Find a new place to settle, bad guy shows up, fight the bad guy, leave the settlement...on a loop. I couldn't take it anymore. Also, every favorite character dying made the show hard to love."


8. How I Met Your Mother


"Ted was so annoying and he only got more annoying as the seasons went on. And then, the last season absolutely sucked. Robin and Ted was never supposed to be together. There, I said it!"


9. Riverdale

The CW

"The show has really disappointed me. The first season was great, and the beginning of the second was strong. However, the rest of Season 2 lost me. Everything became so over the top with The Black Hood and Hiram Lodge. Like, who the hell came up with a mobster named Papa Poutine? I'm going to give the third season a try, but if it turns out like its predecessor, I'm done with it."


10. Scandal


"The show started out as a fun, smart procedural with soap opera elements. By Season 4, it turned into a show about a deep state conspiracy featuring far-fetched storylines. I couldn't deal."


11. Dexter


"The final season ruined everything. I had never been so disappointed over a series before."


12. Parks and Recreation


"What started off as a smart, quirky show ended up going downhill for me super fast. Each season dumbed down the show and characters to a point where it became outrageously stupid and felt very forced. The show was really genuine to begin with but lost me by the last season. The characters became campy caricatures of what they used to be."


13. Supergirl

The CW

"Season 1 was fantastic, and I absolutely loved it, but the last two seasons haven't been very good. At the end of this season, none of my favorite characters are left, and the storylines are becoming more ridiculous. The show seems to forget that Kara is a badass, strong, and independent woman who doesn't need a man to help her save the world."


14. 13 Reasons Why


"The first season was good, but Season 2 was COMPLETELY unnecessary."


15. Game of Thrones


"The first three seasons or so, I absolutely LOVED the show. The storylines were incredibly well-written and interesting. Now, it’s 90% Jon and Daenerys and a bunch a sword fights that have no real stakes since you know that most of the remaining characters will live. The books are better and that’s just a fact."


16. Nashville


"I loved the first few seasons and got hooked instantly by the good music, drama, and the characters. But then too much started happening, and once Rayna James was killed, I hated the show and stopped watching it."


17. Charmed

The WB

"I loved this show because of the premise, but as it went on the show became more predictable. By the end, the show devoted so much time to talking about how much the characters were worried about the villain of the season or their own personal lives that the plot ended up being ridiculous."


18. Friends


"I absolutely loved the show when I first watched it and Ross was even one of my favorites. But, since going back and rewatching it, I kinda hate it, especially Ross."


19. The 100

The CW

"It started out as a diverse and inclusive show, and then proceeded to kill off most (if not all) the characters that made it diverse, from Lexa to Lincoln and everyone in between."


20. The Secret Life of The American Teenager

ABC Family

"It was good when the show focused on Amy being pregnant, but then as the seasons went on, every single female character got pregnant. It felt like it was their way of keeping the show relevant. I couldn't take it!"


21. Orange Is the New Black


"My girlfriend and I LOVED the first seasons of the show because of the diversity and the humor, but in the most recent season, we both agreed we couldn't bring ourselves to even care about it. The show is trying way to hard to make the plot more dramatic than the previous seasons, but it ends up feeling fake and overdone."


22. Castle


"It was charming and fun at first, but then once Season 7 started I couldn't stand it. I stuck with it in hopes that it would redeem itself and bring back what I loved, but that never happened. We were left with a sloppily put together series finale that I'm still disappointed by."


23. Arrow

The CW

"Since the beginning, Oliver hasn't changed much as a character as he continues to drag everyone into shitty situations. All the characters, except maybe Felicity, fall into the same patterns season after season. Seriously, the team as a whole should've crashed and burned by like Season 3."


24. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


"I’m also sad to say that the latest season totally lost me. It’s always been kooky and irreverent but the latest season was not funny and there was barely a plot to pay attention to. I watched the newly released episodes not that long ago and I can barely remember what happened."


25. Sex and the City


"I just recently re-binge-watched it with my roommate and instead of loving it, I was seriously irritated at how AWFUL a person Carrie was. It always had to be about her and her drama. She was the absolute worst!"


26. Lost


"It went from being the best show I'd ever watched to the worst. The storylines got so messed up I couldn't follow what the hell was going on, and the ending was just plain disappointing."


27. Westworld


"I know everyone loves the show, but I finally had to give up. If a show creates more questions before it answers the last ones, I'm out. I really, really tried to love it, but Season 2 lost me."


28. Heroes


"The first season was so good and it was an entire new take on superheroes. The actors were amazing, but after Season 2 the entire story was so shitty. They added WAY too many twists and turns until it turned into an unrecognizable show."


29. Girls


"My roommates and I used to pile on the couch for every new episode and cackle over how relatable Hannah was. Then, all the main characters were unbearable. It was hard to be a working-class millennial and watch these girls complain about how hard their lives were when they never actually DID anything to try to make their situations better."


30. How to Get Away With Murder


"I loved the first two seasons, and recommended it to everyone I knew. By the third season, it quickly started to feel like cheap tricks and quick surprises to keep people confused instead of a well-written show that put thought into characters and stories. I ended up quitting at the start of Season 4."


31. Gilmore Girls

Warner Bros.

"I relate the show to eating 20 chicken nuggets. It's a great idea in the moment, but the farther along you get, the worse it makes you feel. All the characters they wanted you to root for turned out to be selfish, spoiled, and rude. And all the characters who were great — I’m looking at you Lane — had the worst endings ever, which just made me angry. Plus that revival was awful."


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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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