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19 TV Shows That Almost Ended In A Completely Different Way

Parks and Rec almost ended with Andy becoming the mayor of Pawnee.

Obviously MAJOR TV spoilers ahead!

1. First, How I Met Your Mother almost ended with Tracy surviving, meaning Ted and Robin wouldn't have ended up together in the end.

2. At one point, Parks and Rec was going to end with Andy becoming the mayor of Pawnee.

3. Sex and the City creator Darren Star said that he wishes Carrie and Big hadn't ended up together. In fact, his original ending featured Carrie choosing friendship over love.

4. Lost's ending almost featured a giant volcano that was going to erupt while Jack and The Man in Black fought — the series even hinted at a volcano during a Season 3 flashback.

5. Friends creators originally talked about not having Rachel and Ross end up together in the series finale, meaning the big "I got off the plane" moment would've been totally different.

6. Breaking Bad actually had several alternate endings, including Walt breaking into an Albuquerque jail to save Jesse, Walt shooting up a prison bus to save Jesse, and one where literally every character dies.

7. Hannah Montana almost ended with a young Miley playing in her bedroom, revealing that the whole series had been a figment of her imagination.

8. The original ending for The Vampire Diaries would've featured Damon and Stefan both dying to save Elena — the brothers would then have watched Elena live a full life.

9. Also, The Originals was going to end with Klaus and Caroline getting togetherThe Vampire Diaries ending changed this one.

10. Pretty Little Liars came very close to having a different ending. Originally, A.D.'s identity was never going to be revealed to the Liars.

11. An early idea for the ending of Gossip Girl featured Eric or Nate being Gossip Girl instead of Dan Humphrey.

12. Scandal's series finale almost ended with Huck arriving in Cyrus's room with his signature toolbox ready to kill him.

13. Dexter almost ended with Dexter waking up on the executioner's table at the Florida Penitentiary after hallucinating all of his victims.

14. Originally, Dawson's Creek was going to end with Joey choosing Dawson over Pacey.

15. In an alternate ending, Seinfeld almost ended with the jury finding the gang not guilty instead of guilty.

16. Apparently, the original series finale of The Sopranos made it clearer that Tony was going to get shot with a mysterious figure approaching him.

17. 13 Reasons Why almost ended with Hannah Baker actually surviving her suicide attempt.

18. Everwood almost ended with Ephram getting a phone call from his ex-girlfriend Madison and never reuniting with Amy at the Ferris wheel.

19. And finally, Gilmore Girls was originally supposed to end with Rory going off to grad school and learning that she's pregnant — of course, we see a version of this ending in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.