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    Here Are 19 TV Shows ABC Should Replace "Roseanne" With

    There's a hole in ABC's fall TV schedule and we're ready to fix it!

    ICYMI, ABC cancelled the Roseanne revival this week after Roseanne Barr compared former White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, who is black, to an ape.

    This cancellation leaves a hole in ABC's 2018 fall TV lineup. So, here are some TV shows we'd be happy to see replace the Roseanne revival:

    1. Pushing Daisies:


    Twitter: @BryanFuller / Via Twitter: @BryanFuller

    Creator Bryan Fuller took to Twitter to suggest his beloved ABC series take over the now vacant slot. Pushing Daisies was tragically cancelled after two seasons.

    2. The Greatest American Hero:

    3. Agent Carter:

    4. Happy Endings:

    5. Alex Inc.:

    When your show got canceled, but you’re not racist.

    Twitter: @zachbraff / Via Twitter: @zachbraff

    The short-lived series was cancelled earlier this year by ABC, but Zach Braff would happily bring it back.

    6. Most Likely To:

    7. A Scandal spin-off focusing on Mellie Grant:

    8. A Grey's Anatomy spin-off focusing on Callie and Arizona's life in NYC:

    9. Since NBC saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine, how about ABC saves Timeless?

    10. ABC could also do fans a solid and save Lucifer:

    11. Get Christie Love:

    12. A My So-Called Life reboot:

    13. A Family Matters reboot:

    14. A Once Upon A Time spin-off focusing on Robin and Alice's life together:

    15. Designated Survivor:

    16. Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23:

    17. A longer season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

    18. Let's be honest, we were all here for Laurie Metcalf's Jackie anyway, so why not make it official and change Roseanne to Jackie:

    19. And finally, ABC could take a cue from All the Money in the World, and just replace Roseanne with Christopher Plummer:

    Maybe next season the role of Roseanne can be played by Christopher Plummer

    Twitter: @TimDuffy / Via Twitter: @TimDuffy