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    29 Storylines From These TV Shows That Were So Frustrating Or Awful That They Should Be Erased From The Show

    I know, I know, we talk about it a lot, but I really wish I could erase April showing up on Gilmore Girls.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV storylines were so bad, they would cut them out entirely. Here are some of the best reponses:

    Warning: There are obviously BIG spoilers ahead!

    1. First, on Stranger Things, when Eleven went to find her sister, and we spent an entire episode with Kali and her friends, only for that group and Kali to not be mentioned again (for now).

    2. And on Stranger Things, when Jason terrorized Lucas, Eddie, and their friends and blamed the Hellfire Club for Chrissy's murder.

    3. On Criminal Minds, when Spencer Reid was arrested and sent to prison after being accused of drug trafficking and murder.

    4. On Veronica Mars, when — in the final minutes of the revival season — Logan suddenly died after he finally got a happy ending with Veronica.

    5. On The 100, when Clarke made the decision to kill Bellamy in order to save Madi.

    6. On Scandal, when Olivia was kidnapped and Fitz almost went to war in order to get her back.

    7. On The Wilds, when an entire group of boys were introduced in Season 2, and it took time away from the girls' storylines.

    8. On The Walking Dead, when Beth was tragically killed moments after Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, and the rest of the team finally found her.

    9. On Pretty Little Liars, when it was revealed that Spencer had an unknown British twin sister, and she was behind everything.

    10. On Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, when Mouse was chatting online with a grown man, meeting up with him, AND pretended to be his missing daughter.

    11. On Gilmore Girls, when April showed up, revealed that Luke was her father, and the whole debacle resulted in Luke and Lorelai breaking up.

    12. On Grey's Anatomy, when Cristina repeatedly told Owen that she didn't want to have children, only for there to be an entire storyline about how he was mad she didn't want kids.

    13. And on Grey's Anatomy, when Alex suddenly picked up and left Grey Sloan and wrote Jo a note about how he's back with Izzie and they have two kids.

    14. On Mom, when Jill developed an eating addiction, but the storyline was created just to hide Jaime Pressly's real-life pregnancy.

    15. On Killing Eve, when Villanelle was shot and killed in the last, like, five minutes of the series finale.

    16. On Game of Thrones, when Daenerys suddenly went mad, burned down King's Landing, and was then killed.

    17. On Supernatural, when the show decided to bring back Mary Winchester, even though a big part of Sam and Dean's character arcs dealt with coming to terms with her death.

    18. On Glee, when Rachel decided to give up her dream of starring in Funny Girl to pursue a role in a TV show.

    19. On Friday Night Lights, when Landry murdered Tyra's attacker, but then it was never addressed again after Season 2.

    20. On Chuck, when Sarah lost her memory and didn't remember her life with Chuck.

    21. On Angel, when Cordelia had a brilliant and beautiful character arc, only to get pregnant, become evil, fall into a coma, and be written out of the show.

    22. On Shameless, when Debbie purposely got pregnant.

    23. On Kim's Convenience, when Janet and Gerald suddenly had all of this sexual tension and they kissed.

    24. On House, when House and Cuddy officially got together, and it ended up ruining their dynamic.

    25. On Sons of Anarchy, when the show decided to spend several episodes in Belfast searching for Abel, Jax's son, who was kidnapped.

    26. On One Tree Hill, when we suddenly found out that Clay had a son with his first wife that he'd forgotten about.

    27. On True Blood, when people who could transform into panthers, aka "Werepanthers," showed up.

    28. On How I Met Your Mother, when the entire show was supposed to be leading up to Ted's happy ending with The Mother, only for Tracy to die and for him to end up with Robin, who divorced Barney.

    29. And finally, on Riverdale, literally every single random musical number that has happened over the course of the series.

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what other TV storylines were so frustrating, you wish you could just delete them entirely?

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.