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    19 TV And Movie-Inspired Bars And Restaurants You'll Want To Visit Right Now

    There's a Titanic-themed restaurant ON πŸ‘πŸ» A πŸ‘πŸ» BOAT!

    1. You can visit everything Bayside has to offer at this Saved by the Bell-inspired restaurant in Los Angeles:

    2. Have you ever wanted to take a potions class at Hogwarts? Well, take a trip to London and visit Cutter and Squidge's Potion Room and test your skills with these delicious cocktails:

    3. And if you're looking for even more Harry Potter fun, Platform 1094 in Singapore is just as magical as Hogwarts itself:

    4. This Breaking Bad-themed bar in London and Paris makes Heisenberg-level cocktails that look insane:

    5. And then there's this Breaking Bad coffee shop in Istanbul that serves everything in a beaker:

    6. Have you ever wanted to drink coffee in Central Perk? You can visit a coffee shop in Singapore inspired by Friends:

    7. This Titanic-themed restaurant called CafΓ© Jack in Los Angeles is literally on a boat:

    8. Of course, you can actually eat and drink at Cheers in Boston β€” it's even the original bar that inspired the hit TV show:

    9. You can hang out and eat with your own gang at McGee's Pub β€” the real-life NYC bar that inspired MacLaren's Pub in How I Met Your Mother:

    10. The Walking Dead CafΓ© in Georgia is literally as close as you can get to being in the actual series. The coffee shop is located where the series films and features replicas of iconic set pieces:

    11. Outside of Houston, Texas, you can travel to The Shire from Lord of the Rings at The Hobbit Cafe:

    12. Take a trip to Melbourne and you can drink at George's Bar, which was inspired by Seinfeld's George Costanza and his love of nothing:

    13. This bar in Iceland uses every corner to pay tribute to the Coen Brother's comedy, The Big Lebowski:

    14. Millennium Fandom Bar in Las Vegas combines every sci-fi and fantasy nerd's favorite things, and honestly, it might be the bar of my dreams:

    15. This bar in Georgia pays homage to Blade Runner and it's truly amazing:

    16. The Overlook Lodge in Ohio is inspired by Stephen King's mysterious hotel in The Shining where it's Christmas year-round:

    17. The Pandorica Restaurant in New York places Doctor Who fans into the perfect homage to the classic TV series:

    18. For any Star Wars fans, The Dark Side Pop-Up Bar in LA, NYC, and DC is the perfect place to hang out and harness the powers of the dark side:

    19. And finally, The Black Lodge in Vancouver transports you right into the world of David Lynch's Twin Peaks: