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    I'm Still Screaming About These 15 TV Moments From This Week, So We Should Talk About Them

    The final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine started, and I'm already emotional.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨


    1. First, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned with its final season, and it began with Rosa quitting the Nine-Nine and becoming a private investigator after George Floyd's death.

    Rosa telling Jake she resigned because she couldn't stand with a system that was attacking her community

    2. And on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Holt and Kevin split up, and Jake tried to bring them back together — or "Parent Trap them" — during a weekend at their lake house.

    Holt saying he was getting ready to ask Kevin to stay, and then Kevin said they shouldn't spend more time together

    Don't worry, in the end, Holt and Kevin decided to go to couple's therapy and give their relationship another try.

    3. On Ted Lasso, Sam decided to protest Dubai Air, the team's sponsor, after he learned how the company is owned by an oil company that refuses to clean up spills in Nigeria, which is where Sam is from.

    Sam talking to the media saying he wants to talk about Nigeria, and Jamie congratulating Sam on the protest

    4. Outer Banks finally returned with Season 2, and the Pogues were reunited after Sarah and John B. escaped the Bahamas (without the gold). I truly have to give a shoutout to Drew Starkey and Madelyn Cline's amazing performances as Rafe and Sarah this season.

    Rafe in a boiler room and Sarah crying on a dock

    I know this came out two weeks ago, but I was on vacation and I still need to yell about it.

    5. And on Outer Banks, the season ended with the Pogues losing the cross and ending up on an island all alone. Oh, and Big John, John B.'s father, is alive.

    JJ saying he's dubbing the island "Poguelandia" and describing the flag, and Big John saying, "I can help you, but you have to help my son"

    6. On Superman and Lois, Tal-Roh ultimately took Jordan hostage and seemingly transferred his father's consciousness into Jordan.

    Superman telling Lois he can't find Jordan, and Jordan's eyes glowing and him saying, "Well done, my son. Now, let's begin"
    The CW

    I have so much stress ahead of next week's Season 1 finale.

    7. Marvel's What If...? premiered on Disney+. The first episode followed what would happen if Peggy Carter was actually given the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers.

    Peggy Carter fighting as Captain Carter with a shield
    Marvel / Disney+

    You can check out all the details/Easter eggs from Episode 1 here.

    8. And on What If...?, Peggy, Steve, Bucky, and the Howling Commandos joined forces to take down Red Skull and HYDRA, and the episode ended with Peggy being trapped for 70 years, just like Steve was in Captain America: The First Avenger.

    Steve telling Peggy she owes him a dance
    Marvel / Disney+

    9. On The White Lotus, Paula helped Kai devise a plan so he could steal from the Mossbachers, but it didn't go as planned when Nicole and Mark came back to their hotel room early.

    Nicole sobbing and screaming after seeing Kai in the hotel room

    10. Riverdale returned with Season 5, and tbh, I've never been more confused by this show. Cheryl's mom started a religion that worships Jason Blossom — yes, Cheryl's dead brother — and Jughead left town for NYC (in a murder truck). Oh, also there was a random musical number, because of course.

    Penelope and Cheryl drinking from a cup and seeing Jason, and Jughead walking on a wood road
    The CW

    You can read about everything wild that happened in our Riverdale recap.

    11. Reservation Dogs started streaming on Hulu this week. Created by Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo, the new series follows four Indigenous teenagers in Oklahoma, who spend their time committing and fighting crime.

    Bear saying, "We've gotta protect our homes, man. We gotta be like vigilantes, not criminals"
    Hulu / FX

    12. DC's Stargirl returned with Season 2, and the episode ended with the arrival of Jennie-Lynn Hayden, aka Green Lantern's daughter.

    Jennie saying, "I'm Green Lantern's daughter"
    The CW

    13. On Gossip Girl, Obie and Julien kissed after they attended a protest together, and I wish I could say I'm surprised this happened, but I'm really not.

    Zoya asking Julien if she loves Obie, and Julie saying yes
    HBO Max

    Also, this week's episode is the last one until November.

    14. On Good Trouble, Alice hosted a Lunar New Year party at the Coterie with her friends and family, and I just love when Alice is happy.

    Alice saying how she's proud to be Chinese and proud to be able to call all of her friends "family"

    15. And finally, Mr. Corman started streaming on AppleTV+. Written, directed, and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the show follows Josh, whose lifelong dream of becoming a musician didn't work out. Now, he's teaching fifth grade and trying to find his passion for life again.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Mr Corman

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!