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    13 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

    Ted Lasso is finally back and as wholesome as ever.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. First, Ted Lasso returned with Season 2, and it picked up with our favorite soccer team trying to break a streak of games where they kept ending in a tie.

    Ted and his coaches crossing their fingers to make a wish

    2. And on Ted Lasso, Roy Kent had an absolutely perfect moment when he told Rebecca she deserved better than the boyfriend she was dating.

    Roy telling Rebecca that she shouldn't settle for anyone and she deserves someone who "makes you feel like you've been struck by fucking lightning"

    3. On Kevin Can F**k Himself, Allison began to feel the weight of her decision to kill Kevin, and the episode ended with a gunshot after Kevin went downstairs to investigate an intruder in the house.

    Allison and Patty crying and sitting in a bathtub together and Allison hearing a gunshot

    4. Good Witch aired its series finale, and it included the first same-sex kiss in a Hallmark TV series when Joy and Zoey finally kissed.

    Joy and Zoey dancing and kissing

    5. On Grown-ish, Dre arrived at Zoey's door and yelled at her for getting married to Aaron in Mexico, even if it was just for a day or so.

    Aaron and Zoey talking to Dre

    6. On The White Lotus, I just need to celebrate Jennifer Coolidge his week, namely when Tanya was trying to sprinkle her mother's ashes off a boat.

    Tanya saying, "My mother told me I'd never be a ballerina, and that was when I was skinny. My poor mother. She just couldn't handle her jealousy. She had to take me down"

    7. On High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Jordan Fisher guest-starred as Gina's older brother, and he arrived in town to see her perform.

    Jordan Fisher as Jamie talking to Gina

    8. On Gossip Girl, Milo Sparks, aka Georgina's son, appeared and helped Zoya plot some revenge against Julien.

    Milo telling Zoya that his last name is "Sparks"

    9. And on Gossip Girl, after Julien humiliated Zoya at her birthday party, the two sisters made up, and god, I'm hoping we don't have them fight anymore.

    Julien telling Zoya, "I'm glad you were born, Zoya Jane" and the two of them hugging

    10. On Motherland: Fort Salem, Raelle was shockingly captured right in front of Tally, and I just need to know that she'll be okay.

    Tally screaming "Raelle" as she falls to the ground

    11. On Schmigadoon, Josh and Melissa continued trying to find their soulmates in order to leave town, and it led to Melissa meeting Doc Lopez.

    Melissa saying, "Yee-hunk" after seeing the doctor

    12. Roswell, NM returned with Season 3, and we learned that Max is a clone and he's dying (again).

    Max telling Isobel and Michael, "He told me that he's the savior and I'm the clone"

    13. And finally, on Good Trouble, Isabella adorably helped Gael and Callie have a romantic date together, and I just love these two so much.

    Gael and Callie smiling and kissing

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!