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    19 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

    When can I hand Elizabeth Olsen every single award?

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨


    1. First, on WandaVision, Agatha Harkness took Wanda on a journey through her past, and while it was all emotional, nothing hit harder than the moment when Wanda explained her grief to Vision.

    Wanda explaining to Vision that her grief feels like drowning and Vision telling her, "But what is grief, if not love persevering?"
    Disney+ / Marvel

    You can check out all of the great details from Episode 8 here.

    2. Also on WandaVision, we learned that Wanda didn't take Vision's body from S.W.O.R.D. and she actually drove to Westview because Vision had bought a piece of property there before he died.

    Wanda saying, "I can't feel you" and looking at a property deed that says, "To grow old in V." And Wanda breaking down crying
    Disney+ / Marvel

    I'm crying again just typing this and it's also important to note that Wanda's grief and her power from the Mind Stone is what created this version of Vision inside Westview.

    3. And on WandaVision, Agatha referred to Wanda as the "Scarlet Witch," which was a moment seven years in the making for the MCU, and it gave me chills.

    Agathat telling Wanda, "This is Chaos Magic, Wanda. And that makes you...the Scarlet Witch"
    Disney+ / Marvel

    4. On the Dickinson Season 2 finale, after a season of pining for each other, Emily and Sue finally got back together after Sue revealed that she will always want Emily.

    Sue telling Emily that she loves her, and Emily asking her to stop lying. And Sue saying that the only "true thing" she will ever feel is her love for Emily

    The chemistry between Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Hunt is electric.

    5. The Flash returned with Season 7, and with Barry only having 1% of his speed left, all the different versions of Wells sacrificed themselves in order to create an alternate speed force and give Barry his full powers.

    Nash telling Barry that he helped him become a better man, and then telling Barry, "Run, Barry. Run"
    The CW

    6. On Grown-ish, Nomi's baby daddy Phil reappeared, and after realizing they have a real connection, she finally told him about their daughter.

    Nomi telling Phil that she doesn't want him to miss out on "what could be your favorite part of every day" and then showing him a picture of Luna

    7. Also on Grown-ish, Zoey returned to Cal U, and she and Aaron shared another long-awaited kiss after Zoey revealed that she loved him.

    Zoey telling Aaron that if she was his girl she wouldn't want someone "who's in love with my man sniffing around" and Aaron saying, "You're in what?"

    8. On Superstore, Mateo and Eric adorably decided that they wanted to marry each other someday.

    Mateo telling Eric he's done putting his life on hold and that he wants to marry him someday, and Eric agreeing

    9. The Walking Dead returned with its first Season 10 bonus episode, and it followed Maggie returning to the group after being away for several years.

    Maggie telling Daryl that Hershel asked how Glenn died and she told him about Negan and part of the reason she left was she didn't want Hershel to be around Negan

    This moment between Daryl and Maggie where they talk about Glenn made me emotional.

    10. Also on The Walking Dead, we were properly introduced to Hershel Rhee, Maggie and Glenn's son, when Maggie reunited with him after being separated.

    Hershel Jr. sitting in a tree and saying, "Hey, Mom" and Maggie smiling at him

    11. Snowpiercer ended on a shocking cliffhanger when the train literally blew right past Melanie while Alex yelled to her mom from on board.

    Alex screaming "Mom" and banging on the window as Snowpiercer zooms past Melanie

    12. On Batwoman, Ryan's Kryptonite injury got worse and worse until Mary finally realized that they're going to need an antidote in order to save Ryan's life.

    Ryan saying, "Kryptonite kills, just hella slow." And Mary explaining that they're gonna have to find Coryana and save Kate and Ryan
    The CW

    13. On 9-1-1: Lone Star, Owen shockingly learned that he's not the father of Gwyneth's baby, which just made everything super awkward.

    Owen telling Gwyneth he wants to raise this baby with her no matter what, so to just delete the paternity test email. But, Gwyneth says they can't run from it

    14. On Good Trouble, Davia had Gael come to her class and teach her students about how they can express their feelings through art. Honestly, I love Davia and Gael's friendship and I'm glad we are seeing more of it.

    Gael and Davia talking

    15. Also on Good Trouble, Constance Zimmer continues to be an absolute powerhouse on this show. I don't have anything new to add, I'm just obsessed with her.

    Constance Zimmer and Maia Mitchell in "Good Trouble"

    16. On Superman & Lois, we learned that Superman's new nemesis, Captain Luthor, is from a different world where his version of Kal-El, aka dark-suited Superman, is evil.

    Captain Luthor saying, "No, he isn't like my Kal-El. Not yet"
    The CW

    Also, Lois decided to quit the Daily Planet, and I just hope we get to see Lois actually be Lois in this show.

    17. On Prodigal Son, Ainsley didn't actually kill anyone again, instead she just put blood all over her shirt because she wanted Malcolm to finally tell her the truth about the night Nicholas Endicott died.

    Ainsley saying that Malcolm underestimated her and Malcolm screaming that he gave up everything for her in order to protect her

    At the end of the hour, the rest of Nicholas's body was found, so things are definitely going to get much worse for Ainsley and Malcolm. Also, Ainsley is getting more and more terrifying by the episode and it's been wild to watch.

    18. Also on Prodigal Son, Catherine Zeta-Jones made her first appearance as a doctor working in the prison's infirmary alongside Martin Whitly.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones as Dr. Vivian Capshaw talking to Martin Whitly

    19. And finally, Debris premiered on NBC this week. The new sci-fi series follows two very different agents who are forced to work together to investigate a wreck from an alien spacecraft.

    Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele in "Debris"
    Sergei Bachlakov / NBC

    What were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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