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    The "Gossip Girl" Reboot Welcomed Back Three Original Characters, And 13 More TV Moments From This Week

    Ummm, Betty murdered someone on Riverdale this week...I wish I was kidding.

    There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead and #11 mentions suicide.

    The Best TV Moments This Week

    1. First, on Yellowstone, Jamie went to confront Garrett about whether or not he had anything to do with the hit on the Duttons, but instead Jamie was greeted by Christina and his son.


    Piper Perabo also made her first appearance as Summer Higgins, a protestor who crosses paths with Kayce and John.

    2. On Dickinson, Emily and Lavinia traveled to the future, where they met Sylvia Plath and Emily learned that she becomes a (misunderstood) well-known poet. The journey also led to Emily coming out to Lavinia.

    Sylvia saying that Emily was a lesbian and then Emily telling Lavinia "It's Sue. It's always been Sue"
    Apple TV+

    You can read our interview with Dickinson creator Alena Smith about this episode here.

    3. And on Dickinson, Sue and Emily had a heartbreaking conversation in the orchard from Episode 1, where Sue begged Emily to want her back.

    Sue telling Emily that she's tired of waiting around for her and she wants her to want her back
    Apple TV+

    4. On Hawkeye, we found out about Maya's past and how she's connected to a mysterious man named "Uncle," who I think 100% has to be Kingpin from Daredevil.

    Maya's dad saying "Uncle will take you home after class" and a big man pinching Maya's cheek
    Marvel / Disney+

    You can check out all of the details and amazing comic book Easter eggs from Hawkeye Episode 3 here.

    5. And on Hawkeye, Clint and Kate faced off with the Tracksuit Mafia and Maya, which led to one of the best action sequences for an MCU series.

    Kate blowing up a van with an arrow and asking Clint, "There are four arrows more dangerous than that one"
    Marvel / Disney+

    6. On Insecure, the episode opened with a hilarious fantasy sequence where Issa literally throws Condola and Lawrence's baby. The fantasy sequence brilliantly helps point us to the fact that maybe Issa hasn't fully moved on from Lawrence.

    Issa throwing a baby and saying, "Fuck them kids" and laughing

    This episode was also brilliantly directed by Natasha Rothwell.

    7. On Riverdale, in this alternate "Rivervale" reality the show has been living in, Betty accidentally killed Glen, thinking he was the devil, and Reggie was literally dragged to, what in the world is happening on this show?!?!

    Betty saying, "And let me guess, the face of evil is mine right" and ripping off her victim's mask to reveal Glen
    The CW

    8. On The Sex Lives of College Girls, Kimberly and Nico started hooking up, only for Kimberly to heartbreakingly learn he's had a long-distance girlfriend the entire time.

    Bela telling Nico she loves his parties but what he did was the worst, and Kimberly saying how she's heartbroken
    HBO Max

    9. On Gossip Girl, Audrey, Max, and their families attended a Hanukkah dinner at the Waldorfs, which led to Dorota, Eleanor, and Cyrus making absolutely perfect appearances.

    HBO Max

    Also, I love that Dorota is still married to Vanya. I am so emotional.

    10. And on the Gossip Girl Season 1 finale, Julien decided to play with Gossip Girl and offered to provide her gossip on her friends with the catch that it might not all be true.

    Gossip Girl and Julien reading texts that say, "I don't need til midnight I'm in. But I have a condition of my own"
    HBO Max

    11. On Yellowjackets, Natalie and Misty traveled to New Hampshire, where they heartbreakingly tracked down Travis and found him dead.

    Natalie reading Travis's final note that says, "Tell Nat she was right"

    Sophie is convinced that someone actually murdered Travis and he didn't kill himself, and honestly, I believe her.

    12. On Succession, Kendall celebrated his 40th birthday with an over-the-top celebration that I'm honestly still cringing over, and it further proved that the Roys know how to hurt each other best.

    Kendall asking Shiv if she even came to his party to see him

    13. On The Flash, the episode ended with Barry running to 2031 and finding out that Iris is set to marry Eobard Thawne. We also got our first look at Alex and Ryan's appearances in this crossover.

    The CW

    14. And finally, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist aired its wrap-up Christmas special, which featured Max learning how to deal with now hearing heart songs, just like Zoey.

    Max and Zoey embracing
    Roku / Via

    By the end of the Roku channel movie, Max's powers vanished, having "served their purpose" as he finally understood what Zoey was dealing with.

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!