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    17 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

    The Mandalorian really gets better and better every week.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, on The Mandalorian, Mando broke Migs Mayfeld out of prison and the duo infiltrated an Imperial base. But, in order to achieve Moff GIdeon's ship coordinates, Mando had to take off his helmet and we saw his face for only the second time.

    A machine saying, "Error. Error. Facial scan incomplete" and Mando taking off his helmet

    2. And on The Mandalorian, while inside the Imperial base, Migs Mayfeld ultimately killed Valin Hess, an officer who was responsible for the death of several people Migs knew during an Empire operation.

    Hess saying, 'To the Empire" and then Migs shooting him

    3. On the Station 19 midseason finale, Sullivan and Miller ran into a burning house and saved two girls after their mothers believed they had been kidnapped.

    Sullivan and Miller carrying the two girls out of a house surrounded by smoke

    4. Also on Station 19, the episode ended on a cliffhanger when Miller and Sullivan were arrested by the Seattle PD while trying to help.

    Miller on the ground and being arrested and police pointing guns at Sullivan. And Maya saying, "Officer...Officer, please. This is my team. Let them go"

    5. On the Grey's Anatomy midseason finale, Meredith made a recovery before ultimately getting much worse. Her condition eventually got so bad that Teddy, Richard, Bailey, and DeLuca decided to put her on a ventilator.

    Meredith sitting up in bed and then Teddy hooking up Meredith to a ventilator

    6. Also on Grey's Anatomy, Opal, the woman from last season who DeLuca accused of human trafficking, showed back up at the hospital and was linked to the sex trafficker who was arrested on Station 19.

    DeLuca explaining to Carina that he saw Opal and saying that he's going to follow her

    7. On The Flight Attendant season finale, Buckley — aka Felix — followed Cassie to Italy and almost killed her, until Shane came to her rescue.

    8. Also on The Flight Attendant, Miranda disappeared in Italy and eventually gave Cassie back Alex's book, but without the numbers to get all of his money.

    Cassie reading a note in the book that says, "Took the page and the money, but you should have the book. See you soon. M"

    9. The Wilds premiered on Amazon Prime Video this week. The new series follows a group of girls who get stranded on a remote island after their plane crashes.

    10. Also on The Wilds, while I don't want to give too much away, I will say the twists and turns in Season 1 are ~wild~ and I'm going to need a Season 2 immediately to resolve the massive cliffhanger.

    Leah, Toni, Shelby, and Fatin looking stunned while looking off shore during the season finale

    11. High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special started streaming on Disney+ and featured this adorable cast singing some great holiday tunes — don't mind me, I've got Olivia Rodrigo singing "River" on repeat.

    Olivia Rodrigo singing at the piano

    12. Tiny Pretty Things started streaming on Netflix this week. The new series follows Neveah, a dancer who is given a full scholarship to a prestigious ballet academy after the school's star student is injured.

    Kylie Jefferson as Neveah

    13. On the Big Sky midseason finale, after finding the shipping container but not the girls, Cassie managed to track down where Legarski had moved Danielle, Grace, and Jerrie.

    Legarski saying, "Cassie Dewell. As I live and breathe. You're like a dog with a bone" and Danielle, Grace, and Jerrie tied up

    14. And on Big Sky, in the final minutes of the episode, Cassie shot Legarski so that she could save Danielle, Grace, and Jerrie.

    Legarski counting to five and Cassie shooting him while Jerrie and Grace sob

    15. The Expanse returned with Season 5 on Amazon Prime Video. The new season continues to follow the crew of the Rocinante as they travel through space and confront the sins of the past.

    16. On Shameless, Mickey tried to get a job and, well, it went as well as you'd expect, so he ended up getting money from stealing stuff and re-selling it.

    Ian asking Mickey if he got a job and Mickey telling him no and he doesn't like boring jobs

    17. And finally, The Stand premiered on CBS All Access this week. Based on Stephen King's novel, the new series tells the story of an apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by a plague.

    What were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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