"The Morning Show" Killed Off A Major Character, And 12 Other TV Moments From This Week

    Legacies gave us an episode that was very reminiscent of The Vampire Diaries.

    There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!

    The Best TV Moments This Week

    1. First, on Succession, Kendall and Shiv went head-to-head when he ruined her speech at a town hall event by blasting Nirvana, so she drafted a pretty scathing open letter in retaliation.

    Shiv speaking at a podium and Kendall listening to a news broadcast

    2. On Legacies, Hope officially unleashed her vampire side, thus becoming a tribrid. This led to her vanquishing Malivore and killing Landon in the process.

    Hope and Landon telling each other how much they'll miss each other

    3. And on Legacies, the episode ended with Hope shutting off her humanity, and I am just so excited to see this dark version of Hope.

    Hope telling Alaric she turned off her humanity and it's the greatest

    4. On The Morning Show, Alex went all the way to Italy to confront Mitch and make sure he never reveals that they did consensually sleep together.

    Mitch telling Alex that she came here to avoid being cancelled like him

    5. And on The Morning Show, after Alex left Italy, Mitch shockingly got into a car accident and died — like, I honestly didn't see this coming.

    Mitch driving in his car at night

    6. Insecure jumped one year into the future as we saw Issa and Molly's friendship back on track, and the episode ended with Issa crying to Nathan after realizing she's not ready just yet.

    Issa and Nathan kissing and then Issa sobbing and saying "I thought I was ready"

    7. On Supergirl, Nyxly and Lex realized that Esme is now becoming the Love Totem, which led to them taking her and killing William in the process.

    Lex shooting William and Kara checking his pulse

    8. And on Supergirl, Brainy revealed to Nia that he has been instructed to return to the future, and tbh, I'm not ready to potentially see these two say goodbye to each other.

    Brainy telling Nia she will always be with him no matter where he ends up

    9. On Chicago Fire, Lt. Jason Pelham — who is played by Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. alum Brett Dalton — showed up at 51 to temporarily fill in for Casey after he left Chicago.

    Pelham saying, "I'm not Casey. And when I give you an order, I expect you to follow it. We clear?"

    10. On Queens, the episode ended with Brianna coming home after the studio only to find out Jeff, her husband, died.

    Brianna telling Jeff she wants to put their family first and forget all his past mistakes

    11. On Love Life, we continued to follow Marcus's journey to finding love, and it led to him dating Becca, who eventually got pregnant.

    Marcus telling Becca he didn't want to be tied to her forever, but he doesn't want an out

    12. Colin in Black and White started streaming on Netflix. From Ava Duvernay, the show follows Colin Kaepernick's coming-of-age journey as he navigates both his love of football and what it means to be a Black adopted child in a white family.

    Colin hugging his mom

    13. And finally, Doctor Who officially returned with a new season this week with the 13th Doctor and Yaz meeting Dan and continuing with their travels.

    The Doctor, Yaz, and Dan inside the Tardis

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!