"Station 19" Killed Off An Original Character, Plus 16 Other Big TV Moments From This Week

    I wasn't emotionally ready for Station 19 to rip my heart out when [spoiler] died.

    There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!

    The Best TV Moments This Week

    1. First, Yellowstone finally returned with Season 4, which picked up with so much chaos and us thinking John, Jimmy, and Kayce died, only to watch Roarke die after getting bit by a snake.

    Someone saying "A little present from Yellowstone" and throwing a snake at Roarke

    2. Dickinson returned with its third and final season on Apple TV+. The new season kicked off with the Civil War raging on and Sue welcoming her first child with Austin (but wishing she was raising him with Emily).

    Sue telling Emily that she loves her and the baby will love her too and Emily saying pregnancy makes her hotter

    3. Supergirl aired its series finale this week, which featured Kara choosing to reveal her identity to the world and finally stop hiding that she is Supergirl.

    Kara telling Lena that she created Supergirl because she was afraid to be herself in front of the world and then Cat interviewing Kara and saying she's Supergirl

    4. And on Supergirl, Alex and Kelly got married surrounded by all of their friends, and TBH, I'm just so proud of how far Alex has come and that she found a family.

    Alex reciting her vows to Kelly and saying she's always love her and their family

    5. On Insecure, Condola and Lawrence had a massive fight when Lawrence arrived from San Fransisco to spend the night with their son.

    Condola and Lawrence arguing and Lawrence saying she blew up his life

    6. On Legacies, Rebekah Mikaelson — who I have missed so much — showed up and learned that Hope turned off her humanity following Landon's death.

    Hope saying she's her father's daughter, but she won't make the same mistakes. And Rebekah saying he would be ashamed of her

    7. And on Legacies, Hope attacked Alaric to send a message to her friends, and now he's in a coma and possibly dying.

    Alaric telling Lizzie he hoped she, Josie, and Hope would protect each other if he ever died and Lizzie saying he can't go yet

    8. Station 19 delivered a heartbreaking episode when Miller tragically died after he was involved in an explosion while on a call.

    Ben crying while doing CPR on Miller

    9. Grey's Anatomy picked up right after Station 19 with Travis having to break the news of Miller's death to Vic, and Bailey and Ben decided to take in Miller's daughter Prue.

    Travis telling Vic about a second explosion and Bailey hugging Prue

    10. Dexter: New Blood premiered this week. This reboot picks up 10 years later with Dexter, who is going by Jim, living a quiet life in upstate New York, until he eventually decides to kill again. Classic.

    Dexter standing over a body, saying, "I don't need trophies anymore. I may be a monster, but I'm an evolving monster"

    11. On The Morning Show, the entire team scrambled to confirm if Mitch really died in a car accident in Italy and Alex broke down when she officially heard the news from Paola.

    Alex crying on the phone after hearing Mitch died

    12. And on The Morning Show, Bradley heartbreakingly dealt with her brother Hal after he showed up, drunk to TMS and started screaming at her.

    Hal screaming for Bradley to help him and then Bradley crying into Laura's arms

    13. On Succession, Kendall and Logan both tried to smooth things over with Josh, who owns a 4% stake in the company, and this chaotic lunch ended with Logan going after Kendall.

    Josh, Kendall, and Logan looking at each other while eating lunch

    14. On 9-1-1, Chim continued to search for Maddie, which led to him unexpectedly reuniting with Eli, whom we previously met in Season 2. Eli convinced Chim to take a break, pull himself together, and then find Maddie.

    Chim talking to Eli in a bar

    15. Batwoman ended on a pretty shocking moment when Jada revealed to Ryan that Marquis had an encounter with The Joker when he was younger and has exhibited psychopathic tendencies ever since.

    Jada telling Ryan that the Joker zapped Marquis on a field trip and he was never the same

    16. On Legends of Tomorrow, Astra, Spooner, and Gideon managed to arrive in NYC just in time to stop the Legends from dying, and eventually the team time traveled to a new era.

    The Legends in a time machine

    17. And finally, Love Life Season 2 ended this week with Marcus getting married to Mia and the duo starting a family.

    Marcus telling Mia, "I do want to build a life with you. I want a house, a kid. I want all that stuff with you"

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!