19 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

    The Resident said a heartbreaking goodbye to Emily VanCamp's Nic.

    🚨Obviously, there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    The Best TV Moments This Week

    1. First, on Ted Lasso, Trent Crimm from the Independent revealed to Ted that a story was running that revealed his panic attack, and that Nate was the one who leaked it to the press.

    Ted reading texts from Trent Crimm with a link to an article to his story and saying that Nate leaked the story

    2. And on Ted Lasso, Roy Kent and Keeley confessed some things they were hiding from each other during Keeley's photo shoot, and I just want to appreciate how incredible Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple are in this moment.

    Keeley telling Roy Nate kissed her and Jamie still loves her, while Roy says he talked with Phoebe's teacher for hours

    3. On Only Murders in the Building, after Mabel, Oliver, and Charles seemingly solved Tim Kono's murder and turned the Dimas' over to the police, Charles shockingly found Jan bleeding out in her apartment.

    Charles knocking on Jan's door and rushing to her body

    4. On The Resident, Conrad made the decision to take Nic off life support after a car accident left her brain-dead. Nic's organs were donated and helped save numerous lives.

    Conrad crying and taking off Nic's wedding ring as she heads into surgery

    5. Maid started streaming on Netflix. This limited series follows Alex, a single mom who turns to housecleaning in order to try to make ends meet. After escaping an abusive relationship and overcoming homelessness, all Alex wants to do is create a better life for her daughter.

    Margaret Qualley in Maid

    6. On 9-1-1, Athena and Jeffery finally came face to face, and their standoff ended with Athena shooting Jeffrey in order to make sure Harry came home safe.

    Jeffrey saying his gun wasn't loaded after Athena shoots him and begs to know where Harry is

    7. And on 9-1-1, in a truly major twist, Maddie dropped her baby off at the 118 and left Chimney a message about how she can't take care of Jee-Yun and needs to leave.

    Chim watching Maddie's message where she says she can't take care of their daughter

    8. Archer bid farewell to Jessica Walter, who died in March 2021, during the Season 12 finale. Malory Archer decided it was time to move on and she left to spend more time with her husband.

    Sterling reading a letter from Malory that explains that she's leaving and how you don't "always get to choose the perfect moment" to say goodbye

    9. The final season of On My Block hit Netflix this week. The final season picked up after the massive time jump, and the group got back together after Cuchillos' body was found.

    Cesar thanking Jamal for everything and for saving his life

    10. And on On My Block, the season didn't end without some heartbreak. Just when Oscar was ready to leave town and start a life with his girlfriend, he was tragically shot and killed. We also had to say goodbye to Abuelita, who died in the series finale.

    Cesar crying over Oscar's body, and Ruby raising a toast to Abuelita

    11. On Grey's Anatomy, Meredith decided to accept David's offer to help find a cure for Parkinson's, but she wanted to run the research out of Grey Sloan.

    Meredith saying she'll set up a satellite lab in Seattle and come to Minnesota once a week

    12. And on Grey's Anatomy, this is simply where I want to yell and flail about the chemistry between Meredith and Nick. They went on their first official date, and I love them so much already.

    Nick telling Meredith, "You're gonna risk it all, and win or lose, it's gonna be a hell of a ride"

    13. On Station 19, Maya heartbreakingly revealed to Carina that she still doesn't want kids, and all I have to say is Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato have unmatched chemistry and make me cry every week.

    Maya telling Carina the firefighter system won't accept her being pregnant or raising a kid as easily as they did with Warren and Miller

    14. On The Morning Show, Julianna Margulies joined the cast as Laura, and let's just say I was 100% caught off guard when she and Bradley shared a kiss while on the road covering the election.

    Laura asking Bradley if she was vetted for the job and Bradley kisses her

    15. On Supergirl, Alex and Kelly make the decision to take Esme, one of the orphaned aliens Kelly has been looking after, home with them, and when I tell you my heart couldn't handle it, I mean it.

    Esme saying she might not ever find a real home, and Alex and Kelly holding her hands

    16. And on Supergirl, Lena and Kara worked together in order to stop Nyxly, and it involved Lena trying to get a handle on her new witch abilities.

    Kara telling Lena she believes in her and she needs her help to stop Nyxyl because she's scared

    17. On the What If...? Season 1 finale, The Watcher assembled The Guardians of the Multiverse and they were able to stop Ultron.

    Black Widow, T'Challa, Captain Carter, Thor, and Gamora fighting side by side

    18. The first three episodes of One of Us Is Lying premiered on Peacock. Based on the book by Karen M. McManus, the show follows five high schoolers who all walk into detention together, but only four make it out alive.

    19. On Stargirl, Courtney learned that the original JSA made the decision to kill Bruce Gordon, and what made it worse was that Barbara and Pat chose to keep the secret from her.

    Courtney telling Pat he promised no secrets and this was a big one, and Pat revealing her mom already knows everything

    20. And finally, on the Riverdale Season 5 finale, a lot of wild stuff went down, but just know the episode ended with Hiram planting a bomb under Archie's bed just before he left Riverdale.

    Betty and Archie making out and hearing a ticking noise before seeing a bomb under the bed

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!