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    17 TV Moments From The First Week Of 2022 That We Need To Talk About Right Now

    Yellowjackets just gets bigger and better every single week, and you need to be watching it.

    🚨There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the week of Dec. 31 to Jan. 6, 2022🚨

    The Best TV Moments This Week

    1. First, on the Yellowstone Season 4 finale, Rip and Beth officially got married — after Beth literally kidnapped a priest — and it was chaotic and perfect for them.

    Rip giving Beth his mother's wedding ring and saying that he's hers forever
    Paramount Network

    2. And on Yellowstone, Jimmy decided to leave Yellowstone and officially work at the 6666 in Texas; meanwhile Jamie killed his father after Beth revealed she knew Garrett was behind the attack on the Duttons.

    Jamie's dad telling him, "Don't you let those fucking Duttons deceive you into thinking you're a bad man. You're a good man, son. I love you"
    Paramount Network

    3. On Abbott Elementary, Janine tried to get the lights back on at school, and after a long day of trying to make things better, Gregory asked Janine to join him for lunch.

    Janine telling Gregory she will get lunch with him and not wait for her boyfriend because she's hungry now

    Y'all, Janine and Gregory better be this show's Pam and Jim because I need it.

    4. Cobra Kai Season 4 dropped on Netflix this week. The new season picked up with Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang teaming up to try and take down Cobra Kai, who has welcomed back the ruthless Terry Silver from Karate Kid Part III.

    Johnny and Daniel teaching a class with both of their dojos

    You can read all about Cobra Kai Season 4 with some behind-the-scenes facts from the creators here.

    5. And on Cobra Kai, the season ended with Eli, aka Hawk, and Tory both winning the All Valley Tournament and Miguel deciding to leave town and search for his father.

    Eli hoisting a trophy, Sam crying, Tory holding a trophy, and Miguel standing in front of a bus

    You can read all about Sam and Tory's epic fight and more from Mary Mouser here.

    6. This Is Us returned with its final season premiere this week, and Rebecca told Kevin, Kate, and Randall that a recent scan on her brain showed plaques building, which means her memory loss is getting worse.

    Rebecca telling Kevin, Kate, and Randall at their birthday party about her latest PET scan

    7. On Station Eleven, Mackenzie Davis delivered a career-defining performance in Episode 8, but in Episode 9 we learned that Jeevan was mauled by a wolf after retrieving Kirsten’s copy of Station Eleven, and when he recovers she's not in the cabin anymore.

    Jeevan being told, "You got her here. She'll find someone. She's good at it. She found you"
    HBO Max

    So, Jeevan didn't willingly leave Kirsten, and I am 110% emotional over this show every single week. Also, Matilda Lawler as Young Kirsten deserves every award.

    8. Black-ish kicked off its final season with Bow and Dre meeting Michelle Obama at a charity event, and they ended up having dinner with her.

    Dre saying, "Sweet Black Jesus. That's not John Legend" after spotting Michelle Obama

    9. On Yellowjackets, Van survived the wolf attack (thank god), and Laura Lee made the (terrible) decision to try to fly the abandoned plane to go find help, and it ended with her literally exploding in the air.

    Taissa holding Van up and Laura Lee's plane exploding as everyone watches

    10. And on Yellowjackets, in the present, Shauna finds glitter in her closet and that all of her journals have been taken, which leads her to confront Adam.

    Shauna opening her safe to see that it's empty

    Please leave all of your Adam theories in the comments below because I do not trust him.

    11. On the Doctor Who New Year's Eve special, Yaz finally admitted that she has feelings for Thirteen when the team was caught in a time loop while fighting the Daleks.

    Yaz telling Dan, "I don't know what to do, Dan. I've never told anyone. Not even myself"
    BBC America

    Aisling Bea also guest starred, and it was perfect. Like, petition to make her a companion.

    12. 9-1-1: Lone Star returned with Season 3, and we heartbreakingly learned that T.K. and Carlos called it quits during the hiatus.

    TK telling Nancy he won't tell her why he and Carlos broke up and Nancy saying she loved them together

    13. Good Sam premiered on CBS this week. Starring Sophia Bush and Jason Isaacs, the show follows Dr. Sam Griffith, who takes over her dad's job as chief of surgery at a hospital after he's shot and in a coma for several months.

    Sam telling her dad that she's replacing him

    Of course, Sam's dad eventually wakes up and now must learn to work with Sam as his new boss.

    14. On The Book of Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt's twin cousins were revealed as they arrived in Tatooine (with an evil Wookiee) to lay claim to Jabba's throne and try to take it from Boba Fett.

    The Twins telling Boba, "Boba Fett. There is business we need to discuss"
    LucasFilm / Disney+

    15. And on The Book of Boba Fett, in the past, we saw how Boba earned the Tuskens trust and eventually became one of them after helping them defeat a train and undergoing a ritual.

    Lucasfilm / Disney+

    16. On Chicago P.D., Burgess and Ruzek decided to move in together in order to give Makayla a stable home; however, their happiness was quickly interrupted when they learned that Makayla's uncle is seeking full custody.

    Burgess being told by a social worker that Makayla's uncle wants full custody and then Burgess crying on Ruzek's shoulder

    17. And finally, The Cleaning Lady premiered on Fox this week. The new series follows Thony, a doctor who arrives in the US and begins cleaning houses for a living. However, after she witnesses a murder, she's recruited by a mobster to use her medical skills and erase evidence by cleaning crime scenes.


    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!