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    The "Dexter" Reboot Shockingly Killed An Original Character, Plus 14 More TV Moments From This Week

    Zendaya and the Euphoria cast came back with a chaotic Season 2 premiere.

    🚨There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the week of Jan. 7 to Jan. 13, 2022🚨

    The Best TV Moments This Week

    1. First, on Yellowjackets, Shauna killed Adam after thinking he was the person blackmailing everyone, but it turns out it was her husband, Jeff, who just needed some money to get out of debt. Also, Shauna admitted to her affair, which led to this hilarious line.

    Shauna asking Jeff if he really believed she was going to book club and Jeff saying, "What? There's no book club?"

    2. And on Yellowjackets, in the past, the Yellowjackets held a prom in the woods, which turned into them chasing Travis and trying to eat him after Misty drugged everyone.

    3. On This Is Us, Nicky finally reconnected with Sally, but the best part of the episode was when we found out the mysterious person pulling up to the house in the future is Edie, a flight attendant who marries Nicky.

    An older Randall thanking Edie for coming and then Nicky and Edie meeting on a flight

    4. Euphoria finally returned with Season 2, and the episode centered on Fez's backstory and ended with him beating the shit out of Nate at a party.

    Nate telling Fez he remembers that Fez wants to kill him and then Fez beating Nate up

    5. And on Euphoria, Cassie and Nate hooked up in a bathroom and it led to Cassie literally hiding in a tub from Maddie. Meanwhile, Rue and Jules decided to give their relationship another shot.

    Rue telling Jules she wants to be with her

    6. On the Station Eleven series finale, after performing Hamlet at the airport, Kirsten and Jeevan finally reunited after they were separated years ago, and yes, I fully wept.

    Kirsten telling Jeevan, "You walked her home. Thank you"

    7. On 9-1-1: Lone Star, T.K. went into the ice storm and saved a little boy, but it ended with T.K. getting severe hypothermia and ending up in the hospital.

    Tommy telling Carlos and Nancy they need to find TK's dad

    8. Peacemaker premiered with three episodes on HBO Max. In this series, John Cena reprises his role from The Suicide Squad, and the show explores the origins of the character and how he became a man who uses his strength to regain peace and control, no matter how many people he has to kill.

    9. On the Dexter: New Blood series finale, Harrison confronted Dexter and blamed him for his mom and Deb's deaths years ago. Then, everything came to a head for the father-son duo and it ended with Harrison killing Dexter.

    Dexter saying he never felt love until this moment with Harrison pointing a gun at him

    10. Superman & Lois returned with Season 2 and picked up with Lois finally talking to Natalie after her surprising arrival on our Earth in the Season 1 finale.

    Lois telling Natalie she wants to be friends and be in her life

    11. On Abbott Elementary, Janine convinced Gregory to decorate his classroom with the art his students have been making, and I just really love these two together already.

    Janine explaining to Gregory that one of the drawings is of him on the playground

    12. On The Book of Boba Fett, Boba and Fennec added to their ranks, and the episode ended with a starliner arriving in Mos Espa with several Pyke warriors disembarking.

    Boba and Fennec saying they need to get ready for a war

    13. On Batwoman, we finally met Pam, the original Poison Ivy, and found out that Batman had imprisoned her for years below the Bat cave, so Montoya was able to reunite with her and they escaped.

    Renee talking to Pam and Pam growing a flower for her

    14. On And Just Like That..., Carrie went on her first date since Big's death with a guy named Peter. They got drunk together, puked on the street, but ultimately decided to see each other again.

    15. And finally, Naomi premiered on The CW this week. The new series follows the comic book–loving teenager Naomi, who is suddenly thrust into her own superhero story after a supernatural event shakes her hometown.

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!