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    27 TV Moments That Will Surely Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

    *grabs a box of tissues, curls up on couch, and cries.*

    🚨Warning: Some spoilers ahead 🚨

    1. When Michael proposes to Holly while the sprinklers go off on The Office:


    2. And of course, when Jim reveals how long he's been planning to marry Pam on The Office:


    3. When Mike and Eleven dance at the Snowball school dance on Stranger Things:


    4. When Jack tells Rebecca everything he still loves about her on This Is Us:


    5. When the students at Sunnydale High decide to give Buffy the protector award at prom on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    The WB

    6. When Schmidt proposes to Cece by referencing their first meeting on New Girl:

    Fox / Via

    7. When Michael surprises Jane and recites his wedding vows in Spanish on Jane the Virgin:

    The CW

    8. When Rachel learns that Ross was ready to step in and be her prom date on Friends:


    9. And when Chandler reveals that he's in love with Monica while Phoebe was trying to seduce him on Friends:


    10. When Ted and The Mother FINALLY meet under the yellow umbrella at the train station on How I Met Your Mother:


    11. When Topanga comes back from Pittsburgh to be with Cory on Boy Meets World:


    12. When Rory thanks Lorelai for everything that she's done in her valedictorian speech on Gilmore Girls:

    Warner Bros.

    13. When Coach Taylor gives his "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" speech during the state championship on Friday Night Lights:


    14. When Desmond and Penny promise to never stop looking for each other on Lost:


    15. When Klaus tells Caroline that he intends to be her last love on The Vampire Diaries:

    The CW

    16. When Jake surprises Amy during the Halloween heist by proposing to her on Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

    Fox / NBC

    17. When Cristina tells Meredith that she is the sun on Grey's Anatomy:


    18. When Leslie tells Ron that she can't get married unless he walks her down the aisle on Parks and Recreation:


    19. And when April thanks Leslie for everything that she's done for her on Parks and Rec:


    20. When Jamie and Claire FINALLY reunite after years apart on Outlander:

    Starz / Via

    21. When The Doctor and Amy take Vincent Van Gogh to a museum so he can see how important and inspiring he becomes in the future on Doctor Who:


    22. When Nathan tells Haley that he finally made it to the NBA on One Tree Hill:

    The CW

    23. When Waverly tells Nicole that she scares her on Wynonna Earp:


    24. When Maggie and Glenn reunite in the cave after searching for each other on The Walking Dead:


    25. When Seth stood on a table and admitted to the whole school that he was dating Summer on The O.C.:

    Fox / Via

    26. When Pacey tells Joey that he remembers the reason she loves her bracelet on Dawson's Creek:

    The WB

    27. When all the clones decide to dance it out together on Orphan Black:

    BBC America

    Which TV moments never fail to melt your heart? Sound off in the comments below!

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